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Week 2 Run 1 - Failed - do I keep going or back to Week 1?

Hi All, need a bit of advice. Did my first Week 2 run today and failed. Managed to do 5 of the runs - although my light jogging is probably brisk walking to most people - but on the 6th run I think I only managed about 30 secs. It was just too much. I couldn't breathe, my legs felt so heavy, my head was pounding and to be honest, I don't know how I got back home and when I did I couldn't stop crying which didn't help the not being able to breathe problem.

Do I have my rest day and persevere with Week 2 on Wednesday? or should I admit defeat and re-do Week 1? I'm feeling very sad right now :-(

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well done for doing it!!!! you should feel proud that you kept going! :) if it were me and going from previous attempts :s rest day then have another go wednesday. Dont feel sad though you did great! :)


Hi Bex, I wouldn't go back to week 1. Just have another try at the run either Wed or Thursday. We all have bad runs at times xx


Go again on Wednesday, your tears tell me you have the will to do it.

I look forward to seeing your next post.


I wouldn't go back, you were so nearly there!

Have a rest, and try again on Wednesday. In the early days especially we are asking a lot of our bodies and sometimes its just a bit too much. Have another go and it wouldn't surprise me if you made it next time.


No you did not fail, you took another step in the journey. Well done on your efforts. Try it again and I'm sure you will be able to do more. You don't HAVE to do all the runs to schedule. You need to listen to your own body and go at your own pace. You will get there in the end, there are many of us on here can confirm that.

And remember what Laura says - A bad/disappointing run is better than no run! ;D


Not a fail at all - you did almost 90% of the running - you probably just started out a bit too fast. Be kind to yourself and you'll probably find it is much easier next time. And yes, much better than no run. :)


I'd take your rest day and then try again, a day can make a massive difference! You've started so just try not to let a bad run get you down, chalk it up to experience and assume that the next run will be better.


As above, take your rest day and try again. Take it steady, setting off too fast is something we all do in the early days, it does take a little while for your body to catch up with what you're asking of it. Also, make sure you are drinking enough and are hydrated before you set out.

Well done for getting out there.


Thank you everybody for taking the time to reply, I'll try again tomorrow and let you all know how it went :-)


It was not a failed run - there aren't any of those because you were out there and you were running :)

If it helps to know this, it took me 50 runs not 27 to graduate, because I wanted to feel comfortable with a week before I moved on, and I wasn't bothered about the 9-week schedule. However, others would advise just to move on because the programme is planned to work, and this worked well for them. It's up to you - as long as you are out there running it's all good.

All the best for your next run, whatever you decide to do - let us know how it goes.



This was NOT a fail!! You did so well to do as much as you did.

Week 2 is a big step up from week 1, and you almost did it. Have another go on another day, and I'm sure you'll manage it. If nothing else, the running you did do on your first go will have helped a lot with your fitness. Every run helps, even the really bad ones, which we all have from time to time.

As a (marathon-runing!!) friend of mine always says, even the worst run ever is far better than no run at all.

Good luck, and just imagine how you'll feel when you do manage it!! :-)


Everyone is right it's not failing at all....

I have just got back from W2 R2 and I found it so much harder today than the previous run, I was just waiting for Laura to say 'time to slow down' each time!

I think from reading the posts on here that everyone has bad runs and feels a bit down at some point

Good luck tomorrow! I have a good feeling you will complete it :)


Just try again, don't go back to week 1. I am now on week 5 - both weeks 3 and 4 were a titanic struggle but i just kept on repeating the runs until I had completed the three - some so-called weeks took nearly a month but I was out and running and challenging myself to the utmost - don't be satisfied with what you can do, aim for the next level

Good luck - you will do it


Agree with the rest - don't go back, just redo it. It may feel rough now but in a few weeks will add to you realising how much you have achieved. If I can do it you can. Hang on in there.


Hi All,

Firstly, a big "thank you" to you for taking the time to reply, your advice and support was invaluable.

Secondly, I went out yesterday for my Week 2 Run 2 and I DID IT!! As I stated before, my light jog would be a brisk walk to most, but I got through all 6 of the 90 second runs. I don't know how, and I'm not sure runs 4, 5 and 6 were "proper" runs, but I did it!

I have decided - based on your responses above - that I shall repeat Week 2 next week and not try and move on until I'm ready. It's nice to have a 9 week plan, but I'm not training for anything specific, if it takes me longer than that, so be it. This is about me getting fit and being able to run with my children.

Thank you all again and to those of you still doing the plan, I wish you the best of continued success :-)


Woohoo! I repeated week 2 and it really helped well done


Don't give up I just did the same one and am sitting here sweating buckets. Think about it logically, which is hard when you feel so emotional I know. This time we were asked to increase our running time by 50% from 60 seconds to 90 seconds for 6 times and that's amazing and you managed to do that 5 times out of the 6, so it's not a failure at all. In fact it's a great big win. Last week we aimed to do 8 minutes running time in a session - this time it was 12 and you just did 11. In any exam 11/12 is up there in the high achievement zone.

So don't beat yourself up, you just did an amazing thing and you should be very proud.

You got up and out and did something and maybe you didn't win the gold medal but you sure as hell came in as a damn good silver!

Keep going - we're all in this together



I also found week two hard so repeated it 3 times before moving into week 3 this week. I decided to take the pressure off myself and do it in my own time ...when I felt comfortable to move onto next stage and I'd regulated my breathing. Don't be hard on yourself. You've done a fab thing by starting, it will get easier.


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