Run 2 Week 9 - knees still a bit sore but HAD to do it...... & I did! ONE TO GO!!!!

My hips felt better today.... Thank you for all your stretching tips xxx Knees still a bit sore but bareable! I had 3 days rest so was chomping at the bit to get out. I still don't feel like a natural runner.... As in, I still think 5 mins into the run that I'm going to crumble into a big puffed out heap! But to run for 30 mins is something that I thought I'd never in a million years be able to do. The support on here is THE BEST... Without it I doubt I'd have carried on. One to go!!!!!!


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22 Replies

  • Well done Lisa - so close to graduating now! Stick at those hip and glute exercises and make that graduation run really special. Don't worry -it takes time to believe you are a proper runner and really can do it. And those first 5 minutes are usually grim for most of us until the pace and the breathing settle into a rhythm.

    Good luck!

  • Thank you Ully xxx feeling it my hips now so going to soak in a hot bath.... I think the first 30 are grim for me hehe

  • Well done Lisa you can do it!!! Keep up with the stretches and get the ice on them. Hope you enjoy your graduation run. Will be looking out to congratulate you when you get your badge. :-D

  • Awwwww thank you Laurae!!!!! Your support is lovely xxx and very much appreciated xxxx

  • Well done Lisa, really pleased for you! I've just finished W7, also struggle with a dodgy knee, good luck and enjoy your final run!

  • Well done GoftheS good luck with week 8 xxx thank you xxxx

  • Well done, Lisa. Soooooooo close to graduation :)

  • Thanks Paul.... Sooooo chuffed you wouldn't believe!!!!! Here's to nailing run 3 xx

  • I'm sure you'll nail it just fine :)

  • Well done Lisa. Sorry you have some aches but they seem to go with the territory. I hope that won't always be so mind you. So, have plenty of rest, good light food, and keep up your hip/ankle/foot/knee (delete as appropriate) so you are in fine fettle for WEEK 9, RUN 3!!!

    Gordon Bennett! I'm more nervous for you than I was for myself. You are having a rest day beforehand I take it. Please do that for me luvvy won't you? (my teacher used to say that to me all the time LOL)

  • Ahah MissWobble my lovely running guru xxxx I will have one and possibly two rest days, as I really want to finish firing on all cylinders! Sooooooo unbelievably chuffed I've come this far.... Will be posting as soon as I finish the run..... Exciting!!!!!!!

  • Hi Sweetie, very very well done!! You're back in front of me yet again. I'm chomping at the bit too after 4 days enforced rest but the ancient knees are still grumbling, not painful just grumbling. Luckily the recent rain seems to have damped down the tree pollen that's been fuelling my asthma so maybe I'll risk it tomorrow (you're a bad influence on me- I was trying to hang on until Monday) Take care of those hips! xx

  • Ooooo fingers crossed for you tomorrow my lovely!!!! Seems our minds are more willing than our bodies are able hehe..... Nevertheless WE ARE SOOOOO ALMOST THERE!!!!

  • Glad you got those hips a-swinging and a-hoopin'!! Good for you. It DOES take a good 5 to 6 minutes for the body to get used to the extra effort, the heavier breathing needed to intake oxygen to keep you going and also your muscles to say to your brain - "Er, hello brain? I'm in running mode. PLease adjust accordingly. Thanks!"

    One more run to go! Yeeeahhhh baby!!

  • Think my brains ignoring the messages - chuckle!!! thank goodness for the volume control.... Full blast to drown out the gasping & puffing!!! Thank you sooooo much for the stretching exercises.... Will let you know how run 3 goes.... I expect you'll be able to hear me squealing with joy when I've done it xx

  • Well done JustLisa! You and I were neck and neck till I got sidelined by an injury. Still out of action. I miss running like crazy. Really wish you well on your graduation run! Nice to see that you are still on track!

  • Oh Hunni I hope you're back in action soon!!!! Look after yourself & let me know how you get on xxx

  • Will do! Good luck with wk 9 R 3!

  • One to go, that is excellent. Looking forward to the blog already.

  • Thank youuuuuu xx

  • Nearly there! It's a good time. Make the most of it. I took an extra rest day so I would be in good form. I wanted it to be a good run, not one where I startwd achey and finished even more so! You will be on a high all day! Soon you will join the Grad Team! Well done xxx

  • Thank you kicki xxx you'll hear me wooohoooo ing when I complete it lol xx

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