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Ive really hurt my ankle today (week 6 run 3) How long do i let it heal before going back out?

Im gutted. I had psyched myself up to run for 25 mins, and then i went over on my ankle just after the 1k mark.

I hobbled home and elevated it, put a bag of peas on and took ibuprofen.

I had to go out this afternoon but took it very carefully. Its now enormous all around the outside ankle bone.

So, do i just try again when it feels better or should i leave it a certain amount of time?

Ironically, i decided to run round the park today to give my joints a bit of a rest from the road! Nasty branch hidden under leaves was my downfall.

Any advice?

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Hi. I did a similar thing just before my w6r3, it took me at least 5 weeks before I could run on it and that was with it strapped up. I went back and did a w3 run then a w4 then started again at w5. Have you had it looked at? I think you yourself will know when you are able to run on it again but don't do it too soon or you may damage it further. It's soooo frustrating being injured just when you are getting into the swing of it :( Hope it gets better quickly. x


I totally sympathise. I sprained my ankle 2 weeks after graduating. I was gutted! Rest, ice compression and elevation for the first few days, then a gradual return to everyday activity. Don't start training again until you are pain free. Took me about 4 weeks. I started with a week 9 run and thankfully it was ok. Good luck! Don't despair, you haven't lost as much fitness as you fear.


Really don't despair - but don't run on it until it feels better. It may take a couple of weeks.

I hurt my ankle earlier this year - and took time out from the programme. I'm now back, and despite somehow managing to pull a muscle, I'm progressing through it.

I got some very good advice from a physio and advice about exercises I could do to prevent injury - calf raises and dips, glutes exercises. So even if you have to take a week or two off - look on running websites and there may be exercises you can do without putting any stress on your ankle.

So v best of luck - don't give up. But do see a doctor or a physio if you think you need proper advice.


It depends how bad the injury is.

I tore a ligament in the spring (trying to walk when my feet were asleep!). Couldn't put any weight on it. Doc diagnosed a partial tear of a ligament, told me it would take longer to heal than bone. He was right!!


Hurt my ankle a few weeks ago. Rested for 2 weeks but still hurt and swollen so went to see the doctor. He said to rest fro a couple more weeks though it might takes months to heal. I have started to run again - stopped on W5R3 and went back to W3, did one run of that and then continued with week 4. Hope you are on the mend soon, it's so frustrating I know.


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