I thought knee prob. Had gone after my run today & resting for 3 days , went to cinema tonight when I got up to go left knee stiff

Same as before , it's strange it comes and goes , doctor says nothing serious ,but I felt like a old women round knees & can't help'thinking I'm doing my knees in ! I even ran on grass today. Will I have to pack it in ?,anybody else had this problem ?


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9 Replies

  • If you google "movie knee syndrom" you'll get more information than you want about what this might be - which you could perhaps take back to your doctor to ask for a physio referral ?

    Good luck !

  • Thanks for your reply , doctor has ruled this out , if it keeps up I will ask for a referral . Maybe my old bones can't take it , I'm 55 , I know some people at my age & above do run but I may not be cut out for it , I really am enjoying it though & not finding it a problem apart from the damn knee !

  • How long have you been running and when did it start? I had trouble with my knees from beginning of week 2 and it disappeared by week 5. I think mine was caused by my fancy new shoes and my knees getting used to being in a different position with said new shoes. Which were for overpronation. No problem since then. I guess I just want to say have it checked first before giving up as it may just be readjustment to new movement. Also, might be worth having your shoes checked.

    I am 56 so knees are a fair age too and it did worry me. Hope the stiffness resolves soon.

  • I think knees and aches and pains become a problem for women of a certain age.I started with pains around you're age and thought oh that's it then.Doctors always say its you're age.Im 62 and have just graduated,and now find my knees don't ache any more.Dont be disheartened.my husband who is 64 went to a specialist because of a problem with his knee.He was told after X-rays that his knees are that of a 70 year old and he might need an op.He said he didn't want that and started running.He gets no pain now.

  • I graduated recently. had knee pains esp left knee b4 i started running. This continued wen running and sometimes got worse so i stopped running and went to see the doctor. she advised me to continue running but reduce from 3times a week to once or twice which i am doing now. if it gets worse was advised to go back for a referral. i enjoy running so much now that i dont want to stop.

  • Bad knees, oh that sounds so familiar.

    I have suffered with this for years, and I am 10 years your junior! One thing I did learn many years ago, and have had reinforced of late by a physio when I had ankle pain is this. Your legs are one long 'bio-mechanical chain', which simply means problems in one area, may lead to discomfort in others. For example, my knee trouble was originally because my pelvis was out of line, making me slightly 'knock-knee'd'. My ankle trouble was because my calves were tight, not that I noticed they were until the physio massaged them and released them.

    So, what have I done about it (bearing in mind I am fine now :-) ). I paid to go and see a physio myself. Ask at your local running shop or gym for a recommendation. They are not too expensive for a first consultation and massage (I paid £25 because my running shop passed on the contact - always name drop ;-) ). What I really learnt though was that stretching after a run was vital, so I now spend a good 5 mins part way through my cool down walk stretching, and it really works. Your body is being asked to do something that I guess you haven't done for a while, and years of not doing it are taking a while to unravel.

    Don't get dis-heartened. Take a good rest, see a physio, and find out about post run stretches. It may not be the total solution, but it really helped me.

  • Thanks to everybody for your reply`s they are very helpful.yes nerdio doctor said I was slightly knock kneed ( news to me) and the inner knee muscle was weak and should strengthen it up , he told me to carry on running , & when possible on the grass . It has been worrying me , because I have been lucky & have never had a problem like this before I started couch 2 5k . I am really enjoying doing it & it has made me feel a lot better in my self , yes lizibeth 57 mine started after first run of wk 3 , when I. Take ibrufen the knee feels like normal , but I don't want to be dependent on painkillers . Thanks again to everybody for your replys

  • My knees ache if I sit in the same position for too long (cinema, theatre, whatever). But it doesn't stop me running. I don't make any special effort to run on 'softer' surfaces like grass. I just run on whatever is in front of me. They've creaked a bit after long runs but after a day or so they've un-creaked again and seem fine. I don't often do the stretches either. I do try to keep my knees mobile, as far as that is possible, when sitting for long periods but otherwise I largely ignore them and they largely ignore me! Btw, me and my knees are both 63 so don't give up yet!! I suspect it isn't age-related and if you continue you may well prove your doctor wrong. As others have said they (docs) are a bit age-conscious and often over-cautious. It's good that yours has said keep on running.

  • Ha ha thanks old ned you have spurred me on , I am taking your advice . I have run on grass last twice & don't much care for it so next run its the pavements . Knee not that bad once I've took a ibrufen discomfort disappears it's a funny sore stiff feeling doesn't make me limp or anything

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