Week 8 Run 1 - HELP!!!

So, I set out this morning in the wind and the rain to start week 8 of the programme. Oh my god, it was so hard! I hit the proverbial wall so many times and at one point I stopped running and walked for about 10 seconds before I started running again. I've never done that before. I kept telling myself FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION and somehow I carried on but I hated every second. My legs felt like jelly afterwards. I honestly don't know how I will be able to run for 30 minutes, I'm so close to the finishing line, I'm going to try, but I just don't know if I have enough stamina to do it.


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9 Replies

  • Hello Esprit! I totally understand, I detested the first two runs of Week 8 despite three successful Week 7 runs (see my Week 8 Blogs) BUT there is light at the end of the tunnel. Trust the program. With me it all suddenly clicked on the final run of Week 8 after which I sailed through week 9. We are all different I know, but keep going and this time next week you will have almost earnt that green badge. YOU CAN DO IT! Good luck!

  • I have just finished Week 8 and oh, I hated it! Week 7 went so smoothly, I just didn't expect to have so much bother with a puny extra three minutes. I just bargained with myself the whole time "do 10 minutes at least - right just another 2 minutes - och look, you're halfway through - only 5 minutes to go etc etc." It sounds stupid, but it worked, treating the run as an "extra" which only counted if I managed it!

  • Thanks Delia and Tiddlywink for your advice and support. It was the worst run so far but I'm hoping run 2 will be more successful. The end is so close now. I want the green badge and I want to wear the tshirt with pride. My family are so impressed and proud of me. I can't let them down now. Tiddlywink - I've just read your blog and love the fact that you added an extra couple of minutes to your runs - so you know you can do it and week 9 should be a breeze for you! I will try that too if I can. Thanks again ladies.

  • I hated week 8, but you can do it. It is really hard to run in the wind, never mind rain as well the fact that you ran nearly all the way is amazing. Don't be despondent you can do it and you will do it. Tiddlywink is right if you are finding it hard set yourself small targets, I'll just run for 5 mins, to the end of the road etc and hard to believe it does make it easier as I think you are just focusing on smaller targets and forgetting that you have to run for 28 mins. That's what I did anyway. Good Luck with the rest of wk8 :-)

  • Thanks Rolphie2. I'll repeat those words on my next run - I can do it and I will do it.

  • Everything the others said. Plus, did you watch Finding Nemo? Dory the little blue tang fish kept saying "just keep swimming, just keep swimming" - I say this to myself on a tough run, only I switch 'swimming for running, of course (unless it's raining hard!). :-D

    I also had some tough runs about that time and would break them down to a number of 5 minute sections and then count backwards, so 28 minutes would be 5 runs of 5 minutes and then I just tacked the 3 minutes onto the end, so 6 sections for week 9. Counting down that way (instead of an onerous addition minute by minute) really helps it to be manageable for me, maybe that could work for you too (worth a try).

    Also, do listen to your body, sometimes we have an off day and we just have to accept its not a great running day (occasionally not a running day at all) or we might be getting a bit of a cold. It does sound like the wind and rain were your biggest challenge this time though.

    Best of luck. I'm sure your next run will be better, chin up and keep running :-) You can and will graduate


  • Thanks viziej. You're right, maybe I was just having an off day. Fingers crossed for run 2!

  • Hi Esprit, I think we have all been there at one point or another. Personally, I first hit the wall on W7R3 and then again on W8R3, I was beginning to feel like I was jinxed, but I was determined to carry on - like you said 'Failure is not an option' so it probably took me a couple of runs each time to get back on track but I got there and W9 was relatively easy in comparison. Keep plugging away - you'll get there :-)

  • Thanks mcc65, that is very reassuring. I might give run 2 a go tomorrow night after work. I've come this far and I can't believe what I've achieved since week 1. I just want to get to the finishing line now.

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