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I have completed w1r3 this morning and it felt good. I have managed to run each section in the pod casts for all 3 runs and have felt fantastic upon completion ( won't say mid way through though lol) my dilemma and fear is this, this is my third attempt at c25k and both previous attempts I have quit on week 2! I did so most probably that my heart was not in it? I got major shin splints running on forest tracks? Week 2, that extra 30 seconds seemed like an eternity.... I so want to make it work this time. I want to be a runner. It suits my lifestyle perfectly as an exercise. Since losing my dog a few weeks ago I am trying to find suitable runs that don't include our old walks in the woods as I ain't ready for that yet so hitting the pavements works better. My fear is that I quit both times at the 2nd week but I want to get to week 3 and be further on and have cracked it. So after all that waffle my questions are.... Should I redo week 1? Does everyone face the fear of moving up a week? I am sure I a perfectly capable of week 2 runs..... Help!


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  • Just do it. Don't make it a drama, though you will want to share your triumphs with us. Go on to week 2 and trust that you will be able to do it.

    Well done for starting, and wanting to do it.

  • Hi KO71,

    Great that you have posted and well done for trying again.

    I suggest you do a weekly update on the forum, that way you can log your progress and get support if it doesn't go quite as planned. I found it great to be in touch with others who were going through the same thing at the same time, so you can commiserate or congratulate each other.

    Hope you stick with it and Good Luck!!

    Look forward to seeing your next post at the end of week 2! :-)

  • The advice is pretty simple. Hit the road and listen to Laura. Don't make it difficult for yourself and choose a route without hills.

    You can do this. I promise you, you will look back in a couple of weeks time and laugh at the eternity of the extra 30 seconds. It's not easy, it never is, but with determination, you will do it.

  • You can do it!

    If you have completed wk 1 you are ready for week 2. Just go slow (and slow down a bit more) and think of that fantastic post-run 'wahoo' feeling you'll get when you have finished.

    Use the forum here to help you - you will get lots of encouragement (and sympathy, if you ever need it). And knowing that you have folks who are interested in your progress will help you keep going for those last few strides when your legs are killing you and you can't suck in enough breath!

    It agree it is good advice to choose a flat route if you can. I did my 3rd post-grad run today and was feeling a bit feeble, so did just that. You have to play mind-games with yourself sometimes :)

    Good Luck.

  • Sorry to hear about the passing of your dog - avoiding those areas you spent time together is understandable.

    Just get out there and hit the pavement. Try not to slap your feet down, and if you need an extra rest day to recover between runs, so be it. Move onto week 2 though, you've done all you needed to with week 1. I never felt like I had mastered the previous week, more like just barely scraped by. But magically you end up completing the following weeks runs, and if you don't you just repeat. No big deal. Push yourself to move on and don't give up.

  • Thanks all. I will post next week my success story of week 2!

  • I'm sorry to hear about your dog :( Avoid the memory-laden routes, but get those trainers on and get out there. Boot the gremlin into the corner of your mind - we all have one in there busily enumerating all the reasons we could fail. Don't let it win - you can do it!

  • Oh KO, I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your beloved dog (((( )))

    You can do this , you have completed Week 1 , youre ready for Week 2 . Kick those gremlins out of your mind and do it !

    Good Luck and keep posting as it really helps with keeping you motivated ! :-) xxx

  • So sorry to hear about your dog. Completely understandable that you'd want to avoid those routes for now. I'd say the same as everyone else. Move on to week 2 and keep posting to let us know how you get on or if you feel you need a bit of encouragement. Just take it nice and slow. If those extra 30 seconds feel hard then slow down a bit more. I remember times when I swear I could have walked faster than I ran but stick with it and you will get there :)

  • I am another supporter of moving on, assuming the first week felt ok. The programme trains your body but the mind can always play tricks. The biggest difficulty is getting past where you got stuck before. Take it as slowly as you can, remember the great outings you had with your dog, and I am sure you will soon be on W3. Let the blog know how you get on.

  • also running for same reason ( lost dog) so understand.. ( just at wk 4, r 3 to do)

    you CAN do it.. have you done week 2 yet?

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