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Week 2 Run 2 : A joyful elation !!!

Quick recap: Completed C25K at a slow 7kph running speed (with no incline), wanted to see if i can make my 260lb bum go any quicker!

Week 1 was a success, after completing the three runs at better speeds, i did a thirty minute run, this time i was able to go at 7.5kph on a 1% incline.

I have just completed run 2 of week 2, and it was incredible. Cant believe it. Two days ago i found i was able to do the week 2 first run at 10.5kph intervals, I think first time round i did them at 6kph (yes it is possible to technically run at 6kph!). Well today, i thought i would be a bit cheeky.

Each of the intervals is a ninety second run, followed by a two minute walk repeated six times. Well, I did the first sixty seconds of each of the runs at 10.5kph, but for the last thirty seconds i upped my speeds to 12.5kph and 13.5kph depending how i was feeling!

I felt at least once or twice that smoke was coming off my shoes :)

Of course, i could only maintain that speed for those last thirty seconds. But, as I said, i could barely do the same at 6kph only three months ago.

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PS. You havent seen many things as comical as an 18 1/2 stone man pound away *hard* at a treadmill.


Great stuff, well done x :)


Blimey ! 13.5kph is quick !

I decided to try intervals today using the Wk1 program. I was on the treadmill at the gym. Instead of running then walking, I tried running for 60 seconds then jogging for 90 seconds. I did all the runs except one at 11kph, the 7th one I think I did at 10kph as I was worried I wouldn't manage them all. I did the first six jogs at 8.5kph and the last two at just 8kph. Gosh, that was hard work ! By the time I'd finished the five minute cool down, I was quite light headed and had soggy, sweaty hair - yuck ! It's meant to be the way to build speed so I'm going to make sure I do some regular interval running, as well as runs with the club.


It's also supposed to be good for general fitness also doing intervals...

Dont get the wrong idea about that 13.5kph i was only doing them for very very short bursts.

Next test will be of course in a weeks time, to see if I am able to keep a 10+ speed for the full three minute runs....


I'm still impressed, I think the fastest I've tried is 11.8 and then I feel as if the treadmill is bouncing around !


Its all very exciting though. It's exciting learning you can actually run and how the body adapts so readily to a structured programme. It then becomes all exciting again when you start over because you are doing the same thing but at a pace previously you had no chance of even thinking about running.

My muscles are throbbing a bit though. If it aint hurting it aint working :)


It is exciting. I made myself finish today by reminding myself that it must have felt this difficult on Week 1 the first time round and I didn't give up then !


LOL We are certainly channelling each other! I did the same thing :)


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