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Struggling with Week 8!

Like most others on here, when I started this program back in January I couldn't run at all & the idea of running as a hobby - & especially enjoying it! - was both hilarious & ridiculous. The 60 secs runs were killers & I couldn't ever imagine getting to 30 mins in my wildest dreams.

I hadn't exercised for many years & have 2 small children, from which my body's never quite recovered. Each week has been hard but I've pushed myself & done it. I've never had to stop & walk or cut a run short. I've had total faith in Laura & the program. At wk 4 I had a 3wk break with flu. I didn't know whether to go back a few wks to repeat but my oh kept going on about muscle memory & assured me I'd be ok. So instead I went back to where I left off...& did it! Then at wk 6 the flu returned (thanks kids!) & I had another 2wk break, again returning to where I'd last finished. I realised it was all mind over matter for me.

By wk 7 I happily sailed through running 25mins (well, 'sailed thru' might be an exaageration!) & thinking how easy it would now be to get to 28mins & then 30mins. Wks 8 & 9 were just a formality surely? I always find the first 10 mins the hardest & think I'm going to collapse & can't carry on, but then it somehow gets easier. But then I started wk8 & for the first time ever I had to stop after 5mins & walk for a minute. I also then started to notice how annoyingly rubbish the music was becoming. Wk8r2 was the same, I got to 15mins & had to walk for 2mins, then carried on to do 4k in 29:38. This time I'd not used Laura after the first 5 mins & was using my own music, with the runkeeper app telling me how far I had gone.

I'm planning on going out for wk8r3 tonight but dreading it. I'm worried that my mind has programmed itself to stop & I've got a mental block with 28mins. I can't believe this is happening so close to the finish line. Has anyone else experienced the same ?

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Oh yes. In my last blog I was ready to stop at week 8. I'd had enough, I've put on weight, and felt miserable. Thanks to some sympathy, encouraging talk and gentle humour I took the plunge and went out again today. I'm counting today as my w8r3 so we're at the same stage. How about we get through to the end of week 9 together and claim that badge?


Hi SallySparkle - you and me both! I also have 2 small children and found the idea of running absurd - I have always hated it, but I start week 9 tonight and can't believe how far I've come. However I really struggled with week 8 - the music annoyed me, I wanted to walk and I didn't get the buzz after finishing anymore. I'm determined not to give up and am considering using my own music and runkeeper to do week 9 - guilty as I feel about ditching Laura after she's got me this far, I think I need some good music to keep me going to 30minutes.

You sound like you've done well though so far - week 7 wasn't too much of a challenge so as long as you get the read head space you should be fine tonight. Could you change your route as well maybe?

Tell you what - you think of me plodding along and I'll think of you doing the same!

Good luck :-)


I found Week 8 tough too.

Realistically though, wouldn't it be a bit daft if some dodgy music was enough to stop you in your tracks? I found it didn't help me to get into a good running rhythm but in fact that was quite educational since I realised that otherwise I *do* get into the right rhythm for me and I was motivated by the thought that if I completed the session I wouldn't have to listen to it any more often than I absolutely had to.

I did W9R1 yesterday and boy was I dismayed to have Julie up first (it gets better!). But let's face it, do the run right and you only have to listen to each podcast three times. We managed 8 lots of 60 seconds running we thought we couldn't do, and all the rest of it.

I'm not sure about ditching the podcasts - it sounds as though you are focusing on things (eg distance) other than completing the runs?


I am another one who found week 8 the toughest too.

It seems to be a long hard slog but just get though it because in week 9 you will be counting down to graduation!!!

The music is rubbish but at least you have the thought that at the end of week 9 you need never listen to it again if you don't want to and can then have some fun :)

Except I can't because of my poorly knees :(


its hard when your struggling I know, week 7 was hard, week 8 okay, week9 run 1, so out of breath for first 15 mins, we can never win. But WE will get to the end.

good luck


hey i found week 8 a killer too , nearly ready to give up, but get to week 9 and the music is better and then your there. focus on just the running bit too and not how long it takes you and if you do 5k just running or slow jogging anything that keeps your heart pumping for that 30 minutes . You will soon look back and think how easy it was and just one more week and you can have what songs you like listening too. i found the julie one at the beginning was great i was singing along to it hoping no one heard me lol . keep going you wont regret it.


Brilliantly well done for where you've got to and I'll look out for that music in week 8!


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