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On week 8!!!

Well, I never thought I would get here, my foot injury stopped me running for more than 4 wks at wk 5! But I rested, stuck to it and only went back 2 runs and found that my hard work had paid off and I have got here! Nearly killed me today (though I ran in the heat!) but felt positive and when Laura said a minute left I still had the energy to go for it and really stepped it up a gear...even if it was for only a minute!

Right, 1 more 8 weeker then onto the final week! And graduating! I have already checked out where my nearest parkrun is because that's my next goal!

Nic :)

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Oh well done Beegrrrl that's fab! Good to know week 8 is doable - I start that next! Like you I had injury in week 5 and after nine weeks off went back to the very start but it's paid off ! Good luck for week nine and your forthcoming graduation!


Ah that's great news ! Well done to you !

Perseverance always pays, you never gave up and for that you should be applauded .

Good Luck for Week 9 , you can do it ! :-) xxx


Well done you, you must really be pleased with your progress. There's lots of 'eighters' getting ready for the big exciting!'


Well done, I can relate to your post. I have two runs to do this week and the. I've finished. Never thought I'd come this far! Graduation is in my sights😄.

Bit disappointed that I have not been able to fit them on yet, but all planned for tomorrow, and Sunday- my next goal is to continue and get my stamina improved before looking at speed. Not yet feeling brave enough for park run even though it's just down the road from me, 😁

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Well done! You're close now! Parkrun sounds like a lovely way to follow graduation :)


Very inspiring post Nic, thank you :) Will follow you to your goal :)


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