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W6R3 might have to break up with Laura


Me and my pooch did week 6 r3 today, bit muddy but lovely day for it :)

However me and the music on the longer runs aren't getting along, I feel more motivated with my own music so I've created playlists timed to the lengths of the runs for wks 7,8 and 9 to see me through. So I'm not quitting the program... just the music.. oh and Laura telling me how long I've done- that can be a bit annoying too!

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My iPhone is so old I can't download any up to date apps so I've never heard Laura or any other podcast! I've just finished week 7, and throughout I've read up on what's required and then, like you, used my own playlist to motivate me. It's also been - until I bought a TomTom watch last week - the way I've known how long I've been running for. My husband has had a stopwatch to time me, but I like to switch off and retreat into my own world and if I know I've listened to 2 tracks out of the 3 scheduled for that run, I know I'm roughly 2/3 of the way through! I don't know how motivating Laura is, but I think you'll be fine without her and that your own music will really help you on these longer runs...

GoogleMeGraduate in reply to Emmy9

You don't need an app for Laura... in fact you can't *get* an app with Laura any more. When we talk about Laura it is the podcast version, so you just load up and go.

Emmy9Graduate in reply to GoogleMe

Oops! I actually thought the podcast and app were one and the same! Thanks for putting me right... I'm onto the longer runs now so I don't really need more than a timer and music...and someone else's legs and lungs!! :-)

melly4012Graduate in reply to Emmy9

I love my tomtom watch! Hope you like it, you can programme intervals etc into it too so it will tell you when to run and walk just like the apps.


I found the music was great earlier on but when it came to the longer runs it wasn't really my "thing" so I decided to give up Laura too and used my own playlist on shuffle. Then when a song came on that I love I got an extra boost of energy and it spurred me on. However I did like the countdown as to how far I had left to run.

EFox89 in reply to debze

I agree, the music was great on the shorter runs and it was useful that the timings were told to you and didn't have to keep clock watching! I've created spotify playlists that are timed to the length of the runs so when the music stops so do I!


You could set you phone alarm for the running period, or on repeat every 10 mins etc.

EFox89 in reply to Millsie-J

I'm onto wk7 now so it's just a case of running for 25 minutes etc for the rest of the program, I'll use the c25k apps once i've graduated, so I'll get back to grips with her in the future no doubt :)

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