Week 8 & parkrun


Doing week 7 last week on the old gym treadmill I got to the final 5min walk and not feeling too bad I carried on. I did this twice so by the end of the week had done two 30 min runs. I was bit disappointed that I'd not managed 5k ... In fact just over 4. I came to the conclusion the program is really couch to 30mins but that this doesn't sound as good as c25k!

That Saturday I went to my local park to see what parkrun is all about. It looked very well organised but I was worried I'd look a Pratt. So I worked out an aprox 5 k course around where I live and got soaked Tuesday evening doing it. I listened to c25k as I went and did it without stoping in 48 mins. On Thursday tried again with my 11 year old daughter... I'm 51. She had to keep jogging on the spot for me to catch up! Again I didn't stop but took 48 mins.

This morning I bit the bullet and went park running. I introduced myself to the very nice lady who seemed to be in charge; put myself at the back and off I went. IDID NOT FINISH LAST 326 out of 364. I was hoping for a bit better than 48 mins... And would have been over the moon with 45. I did 38min 22 sec.

7 weeks ago I found week 1 a challenge and I was knackered after I finished today (fell asleep in chair at home) but the program really seems to be working for me. If you are tempted by parkrun then give it a go. Yes there are some fast sub 20 min runners but there are also lots of plodders like me at the back.



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6 Replies

  • Take it easy! Overuse and doing too much too soon is by far the biggest cause of injury.

    Don't get me wrong, you are doing great and it is fantastic that you were able to run for 48 minutes (and do a Parkrun) and your sense of achievement is well and truly justified. C25K (or C2-30 minutes as, you rightly say, would be more accurate) is really about getting a base of fitness on which to build whilst staying injury free. The injury free part is the most important when all is said and done.

  • Hi Dunder... I know you are right. On Sunday my right leg and ankle was aching a bit (on the bright side I got out of mowing the lawn!). Tonight I did first "proper" week 8 run and stuck to the podcast rather than adding time on.

    5 more runs and I'll treat myself to one of those C25K graduate t-shirts!

    I've also got my friends husband C25King... She's now moaning that I'm waffling onto her at work about running and she's then getting a repeat from her other half when she gets home.


  • Well done!! I'm the same as you and can't run 5K in under 30 mins - I've found my parkruns are around 37/38 mins but I went out tonight and did it in 35 mins which was increadible.

  • well done you Marie... i think 35 mins will be my next target...in the park I ran in today its 3 laps so 1 min quicker a lap is going to be a stretch. Other time commitments (kids mainly ..) mean my free Saturday mornings are a rare commodity!

  • Lovely post 😀👍🥇Every run you do your body becomes more capable of doing more. The key is not to overdo it - Well done.

  • Wow, well done ! That's a great first time time.

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