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Week 1, feeling motivated!

Hi Everyone,

I've been reading through all the blog posts and have been very motivated by everyones efforts! I started week 1 run 1 on Saturday night and managed to complete it, however, it was a struggle! This morning I got up at 6am and completed run 2 which was still hard but again managed to complete it without stopping. Running in the morning was nicer and I think I am going to try and do morning runs before work from now on.

I do have a question though, did anybody else out there struggle with week 1 and do you recommend doing it another few times until it feels really easy, or is it always going to feel hard and as long as I can do the runs I should just keep progressing after completing each weeks 3 recommended runs?


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I never thought I would make it but I am on to week 4!!. I struggled at the begining and found, that after struggling with week 2 I started again and did week 1 twice then week 2 twice then week 3 twice. I found this much easier. It obviously takes longer but week 4 seemed to come easier than I thought it would.

Hope this helps, well done for starting and good luck:)


Thanks Ettie, it does help. It's nice to hear that others have been/are in the same boat, going to complete run 3 of week one on Wednesday morning and see how I feel after that.

All the best with week 4!


I still remember week one, I really struggled at first, have just finished the plan and feel great


Congrats on finishing the plan! Did you just do the 9 weeks straight or did you repeat any of them? As I said i am managing to complete the podcasts without stopping but just don't want to move onto week 2 and fail...


It took me 12 weeks as I did repeat some of the runs, it is important to take it at your pace but also to push yourself. Each run gets easier, I never though that I could do it and have achieved so much. Yesterday I ran for 6.4Km and really enjoyed it - it has changed my perception of running.

So keep going, don't be put off by repeating some of the runs, just keep it going a little at a time - You will do it


Thanks for the advice, its really helpful. Think i'm going to progress to week 2 after Wednesday mornings run, will keep you posted.

6.4km?! thats such a great achievement. Hopefully i'll be there in 9 weeks time.


Week one was HARD. I thought about repeating it but went on to week two just to see if I could and I did! I would only repaet a run if I had to stop otherwise keep progressing in line with the plan. I have my final week six run tomorrow but would never have beleived that I would be looking forward to, let alone being able to, running 25 minutes if you had asked me at the start.

Good luck


Thanks Mirella for the advice, its such a good boost for me! because right now i'm thinking 25 mins is impossible. Really enjoying the plan though so far and hopefully i'll be saying the same as you in week 6!! :)

Good luck with your run tomorrow.


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