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Week 9 Run 1 Lungs Burning


Just completed week 9 run 1 and amazed at how far I've come from a couple of months ago. This run though was hard from the off and my lungs felt like they were burning the whole way round.

I ran first thing this morning and I normally run in the afternoon - would this make any difference? Also, having changed my route, the start involves some hill running but I have managed this the last couple of times ok. I had been enjoying it up until now but I do feel a bit despondent today as I haven't felt this bad running for a while.

Bonus is I kept going so only 2 more runs to graduation!

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Well done MrsSmith, 30 minutes non stop is absolutely amazing,be proud . I'm speaking as someone who finished w9r1 10 minutes ago!! Everyone has bad runs from time to time often at unexpected times. Mine was w7r2. You'll be fine, keep it slow and steady and enjoy your graduation week!!


But you completed the run - well done!

A change in the time that you ran means you probably ate and drank differently too so that might be the issue. Or it might just be one of those things.

The next one will be better- nearly at that podium now!


Great job pushing on to the end. I think afternoon/evening running makes hydration easier, whereas morning runs make keeping the stomach empty easier. I normally run later in the day, and when I switch to mornings it never feels as comfortable... but pace is pretty much the same.


Perhaps it was colder that morning ? Very cold air burns a bit I found in uk



I found W9 Run #1 hard for some reason, but run 2 today was much better. Looking forward to Graduating later this week. Can’t believe I’ve actually come this far since getting off the couch in mid September.

Well done to you too MrsSmith50.

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