Week 1 Accomplished!

It's been a struggle but I did my third run of week 1 this morning. I'm finding it really hard going and my calves and shins are really hurting while I "run". Has anyone tried using flight socks or compression socks?

Luckily I have somewhere nice to run (along the canal) and admiring the swans, ducks and so on helps to take my mind off the pain. I did consider repeating a week 1 run before moving on but think I'll give week 2 a go first and see what happens.

Thanks to everyone who posts and answers on here - you're a real encouragement.


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12 Replies

  • GREAT JOB! Week 1 was the total pits for me! I even had to walk some of run 1 during the "running" segments. Advice on the board suggested to keep going and i am soooo happy I did! I just did run 1 of week 3 last night and was able to do the 3 minute sections. I never, ever dreamed it was possible! Just go slow, you can work on speed as you build your stamina. Good luck! Gayle

  • Thanks Gayle. Yep, am taking it slow. In fact, at the start of the last running segment of my second run I had someone walking right behind me - they were still right behind me when I stopped running :-(

  • Sorry Rosn, I mixed the names up and can neither delete it nor edit it, comment is still valid just the name is wrong.

  • Lol, I do the same route and always go slower when I do more 'running'. Yet I would find it easier to walk it. Makes no sense.

  • Well done! Why didn't I think of a canal! Too hilly where I am, canal would be ideal.

  • Well done! I have just done the first part of Week 2 and managed the 90 seconds run times okay, although the last one was a bit of a struggle!

  • Well done :) Keep at it and do not despair, trust the programme and you will be amazed at how far you are actually capable of pushing yourself (without realising it in my case). I am on W8, overweight and NEVER would I have believed that I can "run" for more than a minute, let alone 28 minutes :D Good luck.

  • I completed Week 1 on Friday and am starting Week 2 tomorrow. It's hard isn't it but I'm determined to keep at it. Never thought I'd survive Week 1 so I'm proud of myself just for finishing it. Good luck. There seems to be so many people who have completed the programme and survived and I'm sure we can do the same

  • ".... and I'm sure we can do the same". That's what I was thinking Vicoria but it doesn't stop all the doubts creeping in. Reading of everyone else's experiences certainly helps though.

  • I too struggled with shin pain mostly - tried ignoring it but got to start of week 3 and had to give it a rest. Got new trainers meantime after gait analysis and toyed with idea of compression socks but the guy in the running shop said wait n see how you get on with new trainers. Started up again after a week or so rest and am now on week 5. Shins definitely a lot better but still painful from time to time, especially if I don't take it super slow! Would still consider compression socks - bit pricey though! Hope your legs are better soon - they'll let you know whether to stop or carry on. Good luck.

  • I found week 1 harder than week 2, so would suggest you go for it if you can. I had shin pain in the first week 2 and tried doing some stretches before I set off which has seemed to help as it's not been a problem since. I hope yours settle down too. Well done on completing the first week and good luck with your next

  • Well, did my W2R1 this morning and really enjoyed it. Didn't have much pain in my shins at all. I don't think I could have run any further but definitely could have kept on walking but unfortunately had to go to work ;-(

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