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Second and a half time I'm a runner!

I had a set back earlier in the week, stopping at 17:30 mins into week 6 run 3. I decided to have a go at an outdoor run yesterday as I fear part of the problem is getting bored of looking at my red, sweaty mug in the gym mirrors for such a long time.

I kind of knew (or maybe convinced myself) that I wouldn't run anywhere near 25 minutes outside. I'd originally intended to do an extra run in the park each week...a week behind the treadmill runs, to get used to it. That plan fell by the wayside as I had holidays and weekends away that put me back a good few runs and I just wanted to power on through them.

Sooo, I went to the park and set off listening to w6r3 yesterday. Without the treadmill to set the speed I think I set off faster than normal, so pulled it right back down to snail-pace. When Laura told me I'd done 5 mins I thought I should've been half way so stopped. In the end I did about the equivalent of a week 4 run. To be honest I was quite pleased with that; my last outdoor run had been a week 2 and though I finished I'd struggled. I think the air situation is a bit different, much colder out and my lungs were a lot more burney, but I reckon I could get used to it. Back to alternate running in/outdoor plan I think...though starting on week 5 outside to help with stamina on those minuscule inclines that nearly floor me.

Meanwhile back in the gym today and I did it...25 minutes of continuous running!!!! Laura said she was proud and I grinned so much...then she said I was a runner, I thought I was going to cry! Wow, when I think back to week one I can't believe how far I've come..which makes the idea of building up again with the outdoor runs seem eminently doable. Can't wait for the next run :)

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that's fantastic, beatsasthma! I love the way you make a plan. It's great to hear how c5k is working for you and how much you are enjoying the thought of future runs- well done :)


Thanks! Hit a good run today...guess that's another lesson C25k has taught me...not every run will work out as you hoped..but the next one might just exceed your expectations :)


Well done you, I too are an asthematic and I have just finished week 8. You are doing really well, it does get easier I can tell you. I always take my inhaler with me but have a blast just before I go out and therefore tend not to need it.

I like to run outside as there is always something new to see, variety keeps me motivated.

Keep going and good luck for your next run

James :-)


Thanks, I'm dead chuffed! It's really encouraging to hear a fellow asthmatic being on week 8...I hope this means I can get there too. I take my steroid inhaler morning and night now..which is the godsend, then have a blast on the blue...needing it less and less during the runs now, shall be sure to have it for the planned outdoor runs as changes in temperature/humidity etc have been know to cause trouble for me....and I don't want to miss out on the outdoors - the scenery is so much better ( anything's better than staring at myself in the mirror!) Good luck to you're nearly through! :)


Ladies I have found running has improved my breathing no end. I had my asthma review at the surgery last week my peakflow has gone from a poor 385 18 months ago to a whopping 435 this time. The nurse was very pleased and whats more instead of getting a worse result out of 3 tries my third one was the best which is a really good sign that things are better.

This last winter I only had one chest infection and it was mild too. Past winters for as long as I can remember I have had anything from 3-5 bad chest infections. Now the only 2 big changes to my life are weight loss and running, I like to think its a combination of them both and that my overall fitness has changed beyond recognition. Just remember to take your inhaler with you when you are out running just in case. Good luck.


That's great news oldgirl, you'll be blowing the peak flow off the scale next time. I totally agree that the running is improving the breathing, though adjustments to asthma treatment got me going in the first place...but I'm needing to use the blue inhaler less and less. Btw, if you haven't already tried it, get the flu jab this winter...I used to get loads of chest infections and haven't had any in the last couple of years since having the jab.


Wonderful to read so many positive comments about running helping the chest, as the mother of a teenager with asthma I worry about these things.


You are a star, Beatasthma! Plenty of us struggle with the runs WITHOUT having to cope with asthma, so your determination is a real inspiration. Well done, hope this burst of warmer weather is good for your breathing.


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