I'm a runner

It's official, Laura said so!

Managed W6R3 this morning, it was cold, frosty and very slippery, but a beautiful morning and it felt so good to be out running, I even managed to speed up a bit when Laura suggested it (admittedly I was going downhill at the time).

So pleased to have got this far, who'd have thought it, as just a few weeks ago I struggled to do 90 seconds. Bring on week 7!

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  • Congratulations! Well done.

  • Thanks! :-)

  • Well done for braving the elements and for completing Week 6 ! All straight runs from here to graduation !

    You should be very proud of yourself , You ARE a runner :-) xxx

  • Thanks, feeling very excited, graduation seems a possibility now! :-)

  • Fab congratulations & I love running downhill its just a shame you have to go uphill to get there!

  • Thanks. I know, I really struggle for the first 15 minutes or so and just have to keep telling myself it'll get easier - which it does! Once I turn round I feel I could run forever (well, maybe not quite), it's such a great feeling though.


  • Brilliiiiiiiiiant!!!! I'm hoping for the weather to play ball so I can go for R2 tomorrow.

  • Ooooh, fingers crossed! I did R2 in the gym. It was the first time I'd used the gym and I couldn't get the hang of the machine, every now and then it started to go slow and cool down, there I was shouting at the machine "No, No, it's not time to go slower yet" At least everyone else kept a wide berth after that, nobody wanted to go too near the odd woman in the corner ;-)

  • You are indeed a runner! Fabulous.

  • Thanks, I've started telling people I'm running now! :-)

  • Well done. That's such a lovely feeling. For me, this run topped even that of W5R3. You did well to do it in the cold and frost :)

  • Thanks. I agree with you, I didn't expect to feel quite so elated! I think speeding up at the end helped as I actually felt I was running for the first time (rather than just shuffling along). I like running on cold fresh mornings, although I could have done without quite as much ice.


  • You're going to love week 7 :) Hopefully not so icy for you though ;)

  • Well done! Go smash Week 7!

  • Thanks

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