W6R3 done - apparently I'm officially a runner (according to Laura anyway!)

I managed to get out of work a bit early today so as soon as I got home, fed the cats, set up my phone to start strava, fitbit and the app (as it was going to be a longer run, I thought maybe a change from the podcast would help), turned to go out the door...then realised I hadn't put my trainers on...tad worrying!

Attempt number two with trainers was much better - I can highly recommend it...

Off I went down the country lane, I set Sarah Millican as my trainer and got the warm up walk out the way. I tried not to think about this being the longest run yet and just concentrated on getting a pace I felt comfortable with. Also trying to ignore that for some reason, I had all the aches going on - the arch on my right foot felt really sore, my right knee was very twingy and my left achilles decided to join the party too - luckily once I'd got into my stride, they all seem to get bored and settled down. Of course at that point I managed to somehow get my headphones caught on a branch so had to then fumble to get them plugged back in without stopping.

The first 8 mins or so felt ok but getting to the halfway mark felt tough as it's on more of an incline. I could see the end of the lane (which I've never reached so far) and willed myself to get to the end and touch the give way line. Then turned to go back  which meant running slightly downhill which definitely helped. I struggled again around the 18-20 ish min point but managed to keep going (despite my left knee decided it felt left out of the aches and pains party earlier so decided to pop along as a latecomer).

Overall it felt really good to finish without stopping, it was tough in parts but generally not as hard as I thought it would be. 

I'm also not convinced about the timing on the app - I'd read some people say it could be tempremental so just in case it packed in I checked my watch when i started running. When my watch showed 25 mins, the app still showed I had nearly 3 1/2 mins left to run...so just to be on the side I carried on and did them. So in total ran for 28 1/2 mins (4.5km including the walking bits) 

I did listen to the podcast during my warm down walk just so I could hear Laura tell me I'm officially a runner (cue mini fist pump!) :) 


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8 Replies

  • Well done - Sarah Millican as a coach eh? I ran to James O'Brien's Mystery hour today which meant an extra bit at the end so I could listen to the end (and some giggling along the way - cue funny looks from gridlocked motorists!)

  • When I speak back aloud to Laura I'm so glad I'm usually down some remote country lane so no one hears me :)

  • Well done you, I was thinking the other day that I could do with a distraction while running then switch to music when I really need the push

  • I found it definitely helped but the timing was all out for some reason - I went back to the podcast today but would definitely give the music option another go sometime

  • Well done Louisella , youre doing great !

    Oh yes , you gotta love the mini fist pump ! :-) 

    Keep going xxx

  • thank you! :) xx

  • A mini-fist bump is always good as it's pretty much the only bit that doesn't ache :) Well done on getting through it

  • ha ha that's very true! :)

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