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Finished week 6 - Laura said I was now a runner :D :D

I decided to brave outdoor running again today (for the 3rd time in the program) and apart from the cold air knocking me a bit and making my breathing a bit erratic, I finished week six. I am sure my pace was slower than I run on a treadmill and that is slow (6.5kph) but I did it and passed 3 other friendly joggers on the way.

Feeling pretty good - Laura said I was now a runner! I can't believe how chuffed that made me feel as I huffed and puffed my way home in my bobble hat and day-go-pink running jacket I picked up from Sports Direct .... clearly other clothes as well otherwise that is a horrible image for a Friday morning :D

If you had said to me 6 weeks ago I would be jogging on the pavements of my town, in the fog/light drizzle at 8.45am I would have laughed at you.

Did I mention Laura said I was a runner now :D

Keep it up everyone and have a good weekend

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CONGRATULATIONS!!! running 25 mins is great! i did 20 mins yesterday and on to week 6 soon, feeling good and the sun is shining here today and i'm not at work til tomorrow so feeling pleased. Its so nice that its not raining! I need to get a high vis jacket, was going to go to sports direct too. My runs have mainly been after dark but yesterday at 7.30 in morning it was light and quite a few people(still no other runners yet!) and cars about so that has made me feel more confident ... can't wait to be a runner too, good old laura she is a great help. well done, suppose i better get on with some constructive stuff, might venture to the garden(SQUELCH!) good luck for next week!


Picked up my jacket from Sports Direct for about £14. Does the job for me and didn't break the bank: sportsdirect.com/karrimor-r... Congratulations on completing week 5, that is such an achievement. My garden is like a swamp at the moment but the sun is shining and I had a silly thought about hanging washing out. This running stuff does weird things to your head :)


my washing has just finished too! mind you i'm a bit strange as have always loved hanging up washing, only problem is 5 fence panels now down in the wind so can be watched from next door! off for a walk on the seafront while it lasts! Thanks for tips on jacket, will have a look in town tomorrow!


Well done, it's fantastic feeling, no stopping you now. I'm looking forward to seeing your graduate badge, you can do it!


Well done! I am 1 run behind you I've just finished run 2 and I'm excited and nervous all at the same time about run 3!

I'm like you if someone would have told me that I'd be prepping for a 25 min run I'd have laughed too! Laughed and pointed at them!

Well done again and only 3 weeks of the programme left before you get your badge!

Keep huffing and puffing in the day glo! :-)


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