Couch to 5K

Week 2

Here we are at the start of week 2. Last time I did the C25K, this was the week where the excuses started - so determined to not let that happen again.

W2, D1

It's been forecast a week of bad rain - so last night when I got home from work I transferred the child into my husbands loving arms, got my gear on and went for it.

I normally run early on a morning (hence avoiding anyone I know) but on an evening, the dog walkers are out in force... but I kept my head down and tried to concentrate on my pace. I was surprised at how easy the first and second 90 second run was, but when I hit the third one my pace slowed significantly and the panting started. I concentrated on my breathing (as Laura told me to) and that got me through that. The next few runs weren't pleasant - barely at a jogging pace - but I kept going. I run the same route and realised I had run/walked, much further than I normally do and so the 5 minute cooldown was a little longer than usual. I felt optimistic when I had finished that I could complete this week.

W2, D2

I've waited 2 days before running again because of the aforementioned rain. However there seemed to be a let up so with the child safely ensconced in pre-school I headed off. And then the heavens open - and boy did they open. It did cross my mind to head back (I was halfway through the 5 min warm up) but though - lets see how far I can go. I can hand on heart say that this run was much easier. Not sure why - was it because dodging puddles took my mind off it - or because my glasses were so steamed up I couldn't see (!) but when I got to the 5 min cooldown I kept on running for another 90 secs. I walked until I got round the corner from my street and sprinted home and felt bloody good! I was drenched but so so happy and feel absolutely fine one very long hot shower later. Bring it on Day 3!

W2 D3

Again I took 2 days off before running again as I had my sister come to stay (excuses excuses!). I think I went at a slower pace today - but I managed all the runs without getting excessively tired. Again I ran a bit longer after the last 90 sec stretch - not long but until I was puffed. Roll on Week 3 and starting to run for longer periods of time!

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Well done sharkey, sounds like a good run. Keep optimistic, all is possible, you can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


Keep going sharkey, all the ground work you're doing now will really pay off later in the program.

Keep coming back to this site and tell us how you're doing...We've all been there or are going through it with you!

Well done


Snap-wk 2 first run done and I'm exhausted ! Similar to you the first 2 jogs (can't call them runs) were ok but then ......

Doesn't seem to be getting any easier but I'm probably expecting miracles !

If you can do it so can I :-)


That makes me feel better Sue - we've done really well finishing it. I sneakily listened to Week 3 and wish I hadn't now!!! But to be honest I didn't think I could run 90 seconds without passing out so anything is a bonus!


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