B210K – Week 2 started

B210K – Week 2 started

As you know, a number of us here have recently started on our B210K running adventure. What is great about it is that we are all working at different ways to either run continually for 60 mins or run for 10K or manage the two together :O So it is flexible to suit each runner and we can all encourage each other along the way - win, win!! For anyone thinking of starting, please join the gang, you are most welcome! :)

My plan is to do this over 9 weeks as opposed to some 6 week plans purely because I want to ease into it at a gentler pace so the podcast I am using finished off W1 with a continuous 30 min run, rather than another 4 x 10 mins, which I did last weekend. I then actually repeated it again on Tuesday as my hubby wanted to join me and as it was his first run since recovering from a bad cough and an injured foot we just took it at a gentle pace.

Tonight I started W2 which is based on 12 min rather than 15 min runs:

R1 - 3 x 12 mins with 2 mins walking intervals

R2 - 3 x 12 mins with 1 min walking

R3 - 4 x 12 mins with 2 mins walking

It was very cold out but so invigorating; I loved it :D I have also come to the conclusion that evening runs are really suiting me as I perform so much better. Strange, because when on C25K it was the evenings that were always harder…..I wonder why it has changed? :O

So the next run is W2R2 but who knows when that is going to be given the snow being forecast for tomorrow and possibly Saturday :O Maybe I will give my new Yaktrax a go – that will be an experience! :P

Safe running everyone!

Sue x


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12 Replies

  • Well done to you. Am current debating whether I will be able to enter a10k race in May, have joined a running club and last night managed to run for 60 minds and covered 7.96 km but am really feeling it in my legs today :-( Good luck with your next run be careful I if we get the snow forecast don't want any injuries :-)

  • Thanks rolphie! Wow a 60 min run, good on ya!! :) At least you now know you can do it and you have loads of time to try and get nearer to the 10k; you are not far off at all which is great!

    Keep safe too!


  • Well done! I did my first run of week 2 last night too (getting one in before getting snowed in! ;) )

    Oooh you must try out your Yaktrax as there are never too many opportunities for running in snow, but do be careful!

  • Thanks RT and that was exactly my thinking too for running last night, great minds... ;)

    Yes I think I will try them out. :O I was reading on another forum of ones going out with them and they say they are brilliant.


  • Well done Sue! Hopefully I will soon be able to join I the fun-having eased back in with week 5, then stepping stones. That's the plan anyway. Having back problems as well as the knee at the moment, but I am exercising the way I have been taught, so hopefully....

    Snowing here today-would have loved a run in it, but shall have to be content with a walk instead.

    Keep going and have fun!

    Colette x

  • Thanks Colette! :) Sorry to hear you are still not back to being 100%, so frustrating for you... :(

    Yes London/Kent is a white wonderland! I am determined to go out running in it just for the experience!

    Take care of yourself and enjoy the fresh snow while you can! :D

    Sue x

  • Well done Sue! I had wondered how you were getting on with the training. We are getting ready to run week2/run2 later today. 3-15 min. Sessions with the 1 min. Walk between. Enjoy the snow but be safe! No slippin and a slidin!!! You better wear the yaktrax!!!! Gayle

  • Thanks Gayle and best of luck for R2! How did you find it, the 3 x 15 mins?


  • Not bad at all, but I'm concentrating on minutes right now compared to speed. I ran slow and actually enjoyed parts of it! :-) In fact, Steve was out of town so I ran alone, outdoors. My last 15 minute session two teenagers decided to chat as I ran by. This old brain lost my count so I ran a bit extra to make sure I ran long enough. After making it home and adding it up, my last 15 minute session was 21 minutes. :-)

  • Yes me too though it is good to see the distance going up gradually. Great you got to go outdoors again and sounds like you are doing really well Gayle! Well done you! :)


  • Well done Sue! Glad you are enjoying it :)

  • Thanks Jems, I am indeed :D

    I hope your "mash-up" plan for the 10k is working out for you too with the mixture of different runs. Its so good that we can adapt it to suit us. I think once I am running for 60 mins, 10k or not, I will then move on to incorporate different running styles each week to build up speed and stamina - one thing at a time for now though ;)

    S :)

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