W7R1 - Omg!!

Woo hoo!! Week 7 run 1 done! It wasn't easy and I felt really tired well before halfway but I was determined to finish strong...and I did. In fact, when it was time for the cooldown I kept running! (for an extra minute) WHO AM I? Lol! :D I think knowing I completed the run and could stop at any time made me want to push a little bit more :)

I also had the pleasure of running past a group of young boys who shouted 'hey, sexy arse'.... that made me smile as its a load of bull - sexy it ain't lol :P

Ran by myself again, which I quite like and decided to take my phone with me this time as I wanted to track distance and pace now I'm onto longer runs and it said I ran 4.75km (including warm up and cool down) at 07:22 min/km which I'm pretty chuffed with...not like I know what the pace really means lol :D

Good luck to those who have this run coming up! Just remember to pace yourself! :)


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11 Replies

  • Woah! That is fast! Well done!

  • Thank you :) It's certainly an improvement from when I first started :)

    How are you getting on?

  • Well done Rosey21! I'm 1 run behind you, keep it up!! you are amazing you spped demon! :)

  • i did mean speed demon lol!

  • Thank you :) Hehe, ussain bolt better watch out eh ;) lol! Good luck with your run :)

  • Well done you! I just did w6r3 and it wasn't bad at all. I'm thinking week 7 should be ok, but who knows? I feel so good after all that sweating. I wonder if I've finally had an endorphin release? Have a good rest and well done again.

  • Well done to you too!! Its definitely more a mental challenge now with these longer runs I think. And I agree, I feel over the moon after running for so long much more than I did at the interval stage - endorphin overload perhaps? :) Well done again and good luck with week 7 - you can do it! :)

  • Nice one Rosey21 - and Nevertoolate. Going to do w7run1 tomorrow if I can, but my running buddy needs to catch up on one, so I may repeat a wk6 with her.

  • Thanks poulet :) I say go for week 7 if you can, keep moving up those weeks :)

  • Well done, Rosey! Seems pretty fast to me! You are catching me up and will probably overtake me anytime now! :)

  • Well done you - I did W6R3 yesterday and I found it quite hard. I was ready to feel really elated after the 20 min run high but I didn't. I just wanted it to end and to get back to the house!

    Hopefully just an 'off' day as up to then I have really been looking forward to getting out there. I did have a really late night on Weds (after midnight which is REALLY late for me as I am normally tucked up at 10!) perhaps it was just catching up on my poor old bod.

    Here's to Monday and a new week. I actually cannot believe I have managed 25 mins. Good luck all

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