Couch to 5K

Reunited with Laura!

Hi all, so today, after a week of slack arsedness and over indulgence I am going to run with my old friend Laura again :) I have missed her soooo much!

I don't know what week to do though, thought I'd do some intervals and see how I go, I must say I am not feeling too optimistic, my enthusiasm has wained somewhat these last couple of weeks (I blame that pesky Easter bunny);)

Anyway The sun is shining and I am planning on going after I've dropped my youngest off at Nursery , after lunch, so if anyone's got any ideas on which week please let me know, cheers all :)

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If I'm feeling 'not to optimistic' I always do a warm up jog with my own music for 10 minutes and then put on week 5 run 3 which is 20 minutes. Laura is really encouraging on this one so it's always great to hear it again.

Good luck!


Ah OK I'll try that then, Thanks :)


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