27 runs with Laura !!!

Completed week 9 run 3 today !! Have had a heavy cold( manflu) for the last week so has been an effort but I have crossed the finish line :) What a great plan and forum C25K is .

I am 50+ slightly overweight and haven't run since cross-country at school . The 1st few weeks my legs ached but now I feel energised after a run . In week 8 I was up to 4K and this last week I have gone over 4K despite coughing !! My next goal is running 5K with a charity run on Sunday to start me off .

The scales have not changed a great deal but am constantly being told I look well/slimmer :)

Thanks for all the tips/inspiration I may not have acknowledged ( only found this forum halfway through the plan)

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  • Well done Golddust. Congratulations on your graduation. Enjoy your running

  • Thank you

  • Awww, congratulations! Hope your Sunday run goes well.

  • Thank you

  • Many congratulations to you Golddust. Wear that badge with pride. I'm impressed that you're running a 5K so soon! Fab stuff and good luck for it.

  • The 5K's were thought of 1st and the C25K afterwards ! Has been perfect in the lead up ! Thank you

  • Ooooooo shiny badge - looking fine :)


  • Thanks .

  • Congratulations! I hope you feel really proud of yourself.

  • Thank you

  • Congratulations Golddust you did amazingly considering that manflu can often be deadly :)

    Our stories are similar and I'm three runs behind you so it's great to read of your success!

  • Thank you . Look forward to congratulating very soon :)

  • Great job!!

  • thanks

  • Well done - be proud, be happy and keep enjoying it.

  • Thanks and I will try !

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