Help, Problems with Laura

I'm on week 8 and am having problems with the podcast.

On Monday I did run 1. Was a bit of a struggle but on I went. Laura told me I had just 5 minutes left so I kept going. I was waiting for Laura to say only 1 minute to go but it didn't come instead she said time to slow down, thats it. Strange I thought as didn't seem like 5 minutes but I did as she said. Then not long after Laura pipes up and says 'That's it time to slow down' again??? only this time she says well done on running for 28mins.

So tonight when I did run 2, I decided to start Runkeeper at the same time ( I had been using Mapmyrun but it kept stopping ) Again I waited for Laura to say 1 minute to go and again it didnt happen. Laura tells me to slow down early again not long after runkeeper tells me I've been going 25mins. So this time I keep going and low and behold Laura pipes up again to tell me to slow down and well done for running 28 mins.

Has this happened to anyone else? Any ideas as to what to do about it? I'm so close to the end now and I don't want to mess things up by not running the right times :(


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18 Replies

  • That's strange; I run W8R1 yesterday and I didn't experience any problem with the podcast.

    Is it possible you have a corrupted file? Try downloading it again from the NHS website and maybe check it before the run by fast-forwarding to the last 5 minutes ;)

  • Cheers secan. Good idea. Hope I can download just weeks 8 and 9 as seems silly downloading all 9 weeks


  • Sure you can.

    Here you find the links to each week's podcast:

  • Just forwarded through my w8r3 podcast and it does the same thing. So thought I'd check w9r1 and thats ok????

    So think I'll just leave it as I know not to stop when she tells me the first time now lol.

    Thanks for your help I hadn't even thought about forwarding to see what she said :\

  • Mine does the same and I'm using the app not downloading the podcast! X

  • Yes on my first run of week 8 she told me to slow down and walk briskly which I did and then a minute later she says it again, I thought I'd misheard her the first time but then it happened again on run 2 so I replayed it when I got home and found it was a mistake so I will just ignore her in run 3 when she says slow down!! X

  • Thats exactly what I had. And am going to just ignore her the first time she tells me to slow down. So glad I'm not the only one it's happened to :) x

  • It happened to me too. It's only on week 8 and it gave me a bit of a shock the first time. I just ignored her until she pipes in the second time. Week 9 goes back to normal. Congrats on getting to week 8!

  • Hi. I had the same problem with week 8 - she tells you you have finished twice. The first time I thought it was just me, the second time I realised it was her, by W8R3 I carried on till she stopped me the second time, then it was W9 and I forgot all about it until today! It won't make any difference to your graduating next week so don't worry. Jusr push right on to the finish!

  • Spooky, pixies in the podcasts??? I did not have any issues...but

    you seem to have been running a lot anyway.. and doing brilliantly. :)

    Hope it gets sorted.... :)

  • I had the same problem. First time thought I'd just misheard and didn't listen properly to what she was saying. Second time I listened properly and she definitely said slow down that's all your running done with 1 minute to go. I'm doing w8r3 tonight so will just carry on through and ignore the first time she says slow down. Hopefully it won't make much difference.

  • I'm glad it's not just me! Although I must admit that I have stopped with great relief at her first prompt, even though the last two times I have known it was only 25 mins. I am going to do week 8 again next week as I haven't cracked it yet!

  • And there I was thinking it was me that had this exact issue on W8R2 on Wednesday. To be honest it was a bad end to a bad run for me. It was just one of those days when I got up and really had no enthusiasm to run and it was blowing a gale into my face for half my run and my headphones kept cutting out so I didn't know if Laura was ever going to say anything that I could hear. I got the message to slow down way too early and once a started my warm down I noticed the clock on the app was well short of 28 minutes and then a few minutes later she said 'that's it' So I just added a couple of minutes running which wasn't ideal but I wanted to get a full 28 minutes in. I think tomorrow W8R3 I'll give Laura another miss and stick to my IPod and watch !! sorry Laura

  • Given that all three runs of W8 are exactly the same, why not just use the R1 podcast? Or just use your watch: note the time when you start running and stop 28 mins later?

    I also wouldn't worry about it overmuch. If you end up running a minute more or less at the end of W8 it is not going to negate all the gains you have made thus far.

  • Hi JackJack, funny I had that problem, so in the end I gave up on the podcasts and downloaded a running track and worked out my own times. Keep going you're nearly there!

  • Thanks everyone.

    It's good to know I'm not the only one it has happened to. I've fast forwarded w8r3 and it happens again so just going to keep going when Laura says to slow down the first time. :) x

  • I started week 8 yesterday and couldn't even get the app to launch. Had to rresort to the stopwatch on my phone.

    Have recently installed run keeper so not sure if some clash Not tried it since but willl see how tomorrow goes

  • I've heard run keeper and Laura's podcasts don't get on too well 😡

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