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Week 4 done & dusted

Did W4R3 this morning and found it difficult. We did a 5 mile walk yesterday morning and I think it was too much for me on a rest day. Might have an extra rest day before the dreaded week 5.

On the plus side, it was a weigh in tonight and I am now officially overweight! Was jumping up and down with joy, only 5lbs to go to get to 10 stone lost. Plus I have been told I can have an extra food pack on run days if I get hungry, thats a whole 127cals to look forward too :)

Thanks to everyone for your support so far


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Great weight loss, you must be so proud. Two days between runs is fine but sounds like you will be fine for week 5 as long as you listen to Laura. Good luck and well done for getting this far.


Fantastic congrats on the weight loss! :)

And week 5 isn't as dreadful as you may think, good luck!



I was due to start week 4 yesterday but am laid up with cold and can't breath through my nose. I don't know what diet youre on but I'm doing one of the Cambridge plans so was worried about having the energy to do the programme. It's such a fabulous feeling to be 'overweight' rather than obese (hate that word!)

Good luck with the weightloss and the C25K.


Wow! 10 stone. That's fantastic, you must be so chuffed with yourself. And don't worry about week 5, it's mind over matter...... your body can do it- it's just covincing your brain that you can.


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