Couch to 5K

Week 4 done

That was difficult this morning. Couldnt seem to get into my stride at all. First 3 minute run was hard, the first five minute run was torture. The start of the second 3 went a bit easier but the second 5 seemed to go on for ever.

I have to confess that I doubt my ability and fitness to manage week 5.

Anyhoo. On the plus side I am running further and for longer than before and have completed the week. If week 5 is a step too far too soon I will repeat it until I do it. Legs, dont fail me now!!!

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Some days are harder than others - that's when you deserve an even bigger pat on the back for getting through it. Ask yourself this - 4 weeks ago could you have run for 3 or 5 minutes? I actually took about a month to crack week five - it is doable but don't worry if at first you don't succeed - just keep chipping away and you will do it! Really well done!! You are an achiever!


Thanks for that.

If it takes a few weeks, it takes a few weeks. I will get through it though. I feel as if I have come so far and dont intend to give up now.


If you have any doubts, then just go out intending to run slowly. The biggest mistake most of us make (definitely including myself in this!) is going too quickly. You may not think you are but 9 times out of 10 that's why we find it so hard. You are building up your fitness but it's a very slow process!

You've done so well and it's great to see your positive attitude. Take as long as you need but don't get hung up on it. Don't be afraid to move on - sometimes we get stuck and having a new target can put us back on track.

You most certainly have the ability and the attitude - just keep going!


Thanks dottie-may. I probably do start off at too fast a pace. I will heed your words of wisdom


You CAN manage week 5 - it's not as bad as you might think. Keep it very very slow and steady and keep calm, don't panic about it. You have done the preparatory work and trained up to this. One thing that might help, if it's not going to disrupt your schedule, is simply to take an extra rest day between finishing one week and starting the next - it can really pay dividends. Good luck and best wishes.


Thanks again Fitmo. I might do that. Would only add 2 days.


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