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Week 4 - feeling a bit deflated

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I'm having really mixed feelings about my first two runs of week 4. In both I've had to pause the app for 30 seconds or so to take a walking break in the middle of a running interval. Today it was because my weaker leg was feeling tired, despite an extra rest day and plenty of hydration it's struggling to keep up with my breathing/stronger leg.

On the plus side after the short walking break I unpaused the app and kept going with the rest of the run, really focusing on slow and steady breathing and slowing my pace down even more (didn't think that was possible!).

I'm proud I made it to the end, but fingers crossed I can maintain the snail's pace for run 3 and make it through without an extra walking break! Otherwise I'll add an extra run to week 4 to get there. Hoping for a cooler day too, couldn't believe how warm it was at 8am.

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I get the deflated feeling. I had a similar feeling last night but then I tell myself that each time we step out of the door we win. Slow and steady is key as this will build up your stamina so don't worry if it feels super slow. Pace can be worked on later. Keep going, that is the main thing!

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Thanks, it's nice to know other people sometimes feel the same! You're right, we just need to keep going and we'll get there. I'll just need to work on my patience in the meantime!

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Hidden is so right...slow and steady...you have to build up gradually, your body has to slowly get used to what you’re doing to it and so has your mind...I’ve been running for almost three years, that’s not long compared to some of my friends on here at all I know but you’d think that you wouldn’t get those deflated days, but you do,..I still get them...and hard runs...and the ‘what am I doing?’ thoughts...but those are just the gremlins in your head and you just have to push them down towards your feet and flick them off with your toes...remember how far you’ve come, you’re on week 4...bet you didn’t think you’d get there after w1r1 did you? But you have...and you will make it to graduation...might take you a bit longer than 9 weeks if you feel you want to repeat certain runs just to prove to yourself that you can do them...but you WILL get there x

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Thanks, I really appreciate the advice. I'm going to do my best to be patient with myself, I made it through the 5 minute intervals today and they must be the longest I've run in 20+ years, maybe ever! 😀

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Brilliant 💪🏻 👏🏻

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And sometime silly-socks ...it’s worth reading old posts from some people on here just to see how far they’ve come, the bad runs they’ve had, the good runs they’ve had, the struggles and the elation....just so you know you’re not alone xx

A run is a run, no matter how small or slow. Well done you for getting out there and giving it a go!

Thanks! You're right, I'm glad that I got out there and worked on my fitness.

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A new rockstar in the making. Well done 👍

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Thanks! I'm feeling better already after all the positivity on this forum 😀

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