Wk6 Run3- sssssooo difficult!!!

Oh my! Just got back from doing the 25 min straight run. Thought I was going to die in the first 5 mins but then calmed down and continued on ok until Laura said "ONLY 5 mins" and those 5 mins felt like the longest worst 5 mins of my LIFE! Up to now all the other runs have been fine. Even the 20 min one was not easy but doable. I limped to the end every muscle and bone screaming! I thought I was going to vomit there and then at the side of the road and my legs were like jelly and my ankles needed clicking back in! Moan moan moan!

Don't even feel satisfaction at achieving it now. Just dread that there is only more of the same to (not) look forward to with week 7. Feel like I never want to repeat the experience again!


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  • You did great. You didn't die. It's not easy but hopefully it'll get slightly easier. Stick with it, you've come so far. I just did run 2 of Week 7 - and next week or the week after, so will you !

  • Well done for finishing, I'm sure it will get better - I hope so, it's my turn tomorrow ! ;-)

  • You did it though!! The fact you didn't give up despite feeling rubbish just shows how determined you are...that's an achievement. I'm sure it was just a bad run and it will be better next time, please don't let it put you off :)

  • You'll be fine - just psych up to it, smack those naughty demons in the face, and take it really slow....... and you might want to make sure you've got your easiest route planned (which in my world would mean NO HILLS!!). I've had some pretty grim runs since graduating but all of a sudden they get better - then something else comes up - it's a real rollercoaster. But DON'T GIVE UP!!! You are doing great :-)

  • Aw thanks everyone. I feel more positive now!

  • Yeah i found it exactly the same, i found W6R3 to be one of the hardest runs iv done! Im now on W7 and these 3 runs have definitely been alot easier than the w6 one :)

  • I'd also say that I'm sure the body learns! After each run or couple of runs the body seems to know it can do that. I found when I got to the first 25 minute run, that instead of fearing it, I found myself thinking, "well if I can do 20 minutes I can do 25, there's not much difference". And in fact when I got to the 25 minutes I thought "if I can do 25 I can do 30 - so I just carried on and did it. You will get there mate!

  • Hope so, really do!

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