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Wk6 r1

Whilst I’ve heard on here that this run catches you out, it’s true. Having completed a 20 min run previous, I thought this was in the bag but how wrong I was. The first 5 min run was great, a nice warm up for the next 8 min run after a 3 min walk. The run was great, no issues then another walk for 3 mins. The last 5 min run was awful, I couldn’t settle or get comfortable although I did complete it , it was horrible. I’m now left feeling quite deflated, my body aches more with each run despite stretching. I try telling myself that this will pass but it doesn’t appear to be. Sorry for the rant , just feeling a little knocked back.

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Week 6 Run 1 has a habit of catching people out. Me included!! It’s all to do with the mind- “I ran for a full 20 mins the other day so why are you making me walk again in the middle of the runs?!!”

A tad frustrating, I know, but it’s what the program says to do so, rather than feel the wrath of Michael Johnson, and everyone else, I followed it like a good little sheep 🐑 and somehow, I’m now a graduate!! PS-it does get easier once WK6 is in the bag, well, it did for me 😊


You did it so thats great!

There is a real discipline in run/walk. It takes strength of mind to begin running again at the end of the timed break. Another skill being built 👍🏼


Absolutely agree with Kimchoc08. For me Week 6 was the tipping point. It was so hard and I began to falter. But came on here and read the inspirational posts and came to ‘trust in the programme’

This whole C25K thing is wholly mental for me. Mind over matter. And week 6 was the week when I kept repeating over and over that my body could do it. And I did it.

Keep the faith. This programme really does work 👍


Aye your body is still very much adjusting to the fact that you are doing something, muscles are changing along with bone structure etc (all for the good) so you will ache yet for a while

Well done for seeing it through and it's onwards and upwards


Well done you did it. That's all that matters.

It is the longest workout that you have done to date, so be proud.

No need to feel deflated, just move on to the next challenge and, as you should with every run, respect that challenge.


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