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Wk6 r1

Decided to run in the park today for a change and to see what it's like as doing a race for life on Sunday ( will have to walk half of it). It was all going well till last 5 min run which ended up going up a small hill. Felt like a mountain! I slowed down but for to point I thought I would end up standing still. Got to the top though then there was only a min left to run. Legs and feet still tired 2 hours later. Glad it's a rest day tomorrow.

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Well done for finishing, with a hill too! That run can trip people up after W5R3 so you've done brilliantly by the sounds of it!


Well done and up a hill too! Good luck for Sunday✌🏻️


Well done for finishing it. You're a star x


Thanks. My feet are tired today so not doing much so ready for rfl tomorrow.

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Well done- it's surprising how energy-sapping hills can be :)


Thanks. Yes it was bad timing really but still it made me realise how far I have to go and how important it is to slow down when it gets tough.


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