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Massive Failure, I want to cry!


Life has got crazy busy for me just lately, so last week I only managed 2 of my 3 runs. I'm on week 9 and have just one run to go.

I did run 2 on Thursday then was on a scout camp all weekend. I managed 3000 steps over the weekend and was pleased with that.

Yesterday I didn't have any time to run but today I finished work a bit early and thought I'd go out for the final run BUT OH WHAT A DISASTER!

I started out happily enough on the 5 min warm up walk, only 3 mins into it, as I was crossing the road, I stepped off the pavement and went over on my ankle and hit the deck. I hurt my hand, elbow, knee and hip. Women of 42 are not meant to fall over and have grazed body parts, I leave that to my kids!!!!

Anyway, I thought I'd pick myself up and carry on. I managed 8 mins of running before my hip and knee were shouting at me and I had to stop.

I'm feeling so P****d off and I just want to cry. I'm probably not going to get a chance to run again this week till Sunday because my days are filled with work and my evening are taken up this week with scouting meetings and the kids diaries. I can't face getting up any earlier than I do, and running at 9pm at night isn't an option as I'm usually dead already by then. So that means when I do get to run again I'm going to struggle with the 30 mins which means it's going to take even longer to graduate. I'm not a happy bunny right now.

Sorry for the moan and feeling sorry for myself post...

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This is the place to come for sympathy.....but please don't use the F word!!!!

I can understand your annoyance and frustration, especially as you are so close to graduation, but try to take the positives and learn from the experience. The fact that you will have to delay your next run is probably a good thing, allowing your ankle, hip and knee to settle down before you punish them again.

Make the run up to your graduation as relaxed as possible and arrange it to be as special as you possibly can. Through sheer impatience, after a glorious W9R2, I rushed to get my grad run done as soon as possible, heading out on a Friday evening after a hard week at work, without waiting long enough after eating. It was a tough slog and memorable for all the wrong reasons. I wish I had waited until the Saturday morning.

If you set yours up to be an event, then the fact that it was delayed a bit will be of no consequence and you can revel in your achievement.

My approach to the inevitable bad run, which could be categorised with the F word, is that every run is training for the next one, there is always something to learn. Good luck.

AncientMumGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Wise words m'dear, wise words indeed :)

turnturtleGraduate in reply to AncientMum

I echo both the wise owls above. Being adaptable to circumstance doesn't always come easily, but in running it's a necessity. We've all been there. Your body doesn't forget where you've taken it overnight and you'll come back stronger than ever if you give yourself a chance to recover.


I know how you feel. I keep having knee trouble and at the moment can't run. I am hoping by the weekend I can have a go. This will set me back again and it is frustrating. I too am forty something and I am gradually coming to the conclusion I can not do it all. You can do something though. I do some core strength exercises on my front room floor whilst watching telly. You will be amazed what planking a minute at a time can do!!! These exercises really help with running and at least you can feel like you are still doing something!! Keep your chin up and look after yourself, you will get there in the end.


what he said :)

Give your joints a rest this week, do a short run when you can next week to prove to yourself you will be OK for the big finale. Then complete your c25k at parkrun a week on Saturday.


It's not a failure! You fell and hurt yourself, just rest and get better then get back out there.

You've done so well so far , don't beat yourself up and don't worry if it takes longer to graduate, what's important is that you're ok to actually do it first 😊

I know it really must feel like the end of the world right now. As it has been said we don't use the "fail" word on here. You have had a rotten day. Ice your wounds do something to make yourself feel better and heal. I know it must feel like everything was building up to today but your graduation run will happen and you will do it. Then after you have you will have a lifetime left for running. So rest up and next time after you have got over your bumps and bruises you will go and conquer that run. Please be kind to yourself there is still a lifetime to run.


The scrapes and grazes from a fall are a badge of honour and it will happen to everyone at some point. Going over on your ankle could have been a lot worse!

Don't be disheartened, you will not lose anything in terms of the fitness you have built up with a few days break and come Sunday you will smash it.


As has already been said - it's not a f...ure, its a setback, and probably a very minor one in the grand scheme of things. You've got plenty of time to do lots of running in the future. Rest up, treat the war wounds, and get out for that final run when you have time and you feel up to it. Does it matter if you can't get out to run again until this time next week? You are so far down the road now that a week away is going to have a major effect on your fitness.

Get out and enjoy your graduation run when you feel up for it.


Oh Sezza, no F word needed at all, you fell...accidents happen...

I hope you're not too sore and achy...Rest up and try again on Sunday. If it's hard going after a few days off, don't beat yourself up, just try again another day when your fully healed...

Think how far you've come and how brilliantly you're doing...😋

I had my first post grad run today after a week off due to work and weekend was hard, I only managed 23 mins but you know what...I did 23 mins more than I would have done 4 mths ago 😊


Awww Sezza, big hugs coming your way.

You are a star, you picked yourself up and tried to continue running, where's the F in that. Hmmmmm, let me see....ah, there isn't one.

A few weeks ago you wouldn't even have run but you took yourself out when you weren't really feeling up for it and still continued when you hurt yourself.

Sometimes things just don't go to plan and today was one of those but once rested, your graduation run will be fab and probably more enjoyable than had it been today.

Feel proud that you tried.

Make sure you look after yourself until you go again

Jules xxx


Aw, poor you :(

C'mon, grab yourself a tissue and a slab of chocolate cake, and come and sit down on the sofa, kiddo. If I fell like that I would turn around and go home blowing snot bubbles and bawling like a three-year-old - you were very brave to try to keep going for eight minutes, it was a real accomplishment!

So cheer up, chuck. You won't lose your level of fitness if you wait a few days - your body doesn't forget that fast! Take care of those bruises and grazes, and cut yourself some slack. It sounds like life's been well hard for you lately, so be kind to yourself xxx

Big hugs, ice packs, cups of tea :)

That was not a fail it was an accident! Who knows maybe the time off will deliver one of those strangely great runs :)- when you do go out, with your badge of honour scars, run slower than you ever have before- and smile if at all possible. You have given yourself a wonderful gift- the gift of being able to run. If not today, then in a few days' time- and thereafter :)


Agree with all of the above. Especially wise words from IannodaTruffle as always.

And as Dunder so rightly points out, it could have been a lot worse. 25 years ago I went over on my ankle on a grassy bank at Donnington Park, just slipped on wet grass. Crack, ankle broken. They put it in plaster. I went back to the hospital and said I didnt think it was setting straight. Oh dont worry, that's fine they said. A month later, went to the hospital, "that's not straight they said", "we'll have to rebreak that and screw and pin it" they said. Happily I now have the 5 screws and long pin in a jar :)

There's no rush, you will have graduated before you know it. Another week or so is neither here nor there. Getting to week 9 is already an excellent achievement. Take your time to graduate and savour the moment, it well last a long time in the memory. You will have a stupid grin on your face that will be impossible to erase all day :)


No no - don't be upset. Falling over is something of a C25K rite of passage and means you don't have to do that again for another couple of years!

Let your wounds heal and then just go again. You won't lose your fitness and it matters not one jot that graduation is a bit delayed. Running is for life - this is just a small setback. Xx

Well done for getting up and carrying on. And better done for having the good sense to stop when carrying on started to look foolish. And I agree with everything else everyone else has said here, too.


Oh bless - feeling the pain here! I see it another way, more rest days less demands on your time by Sunday, you're relaxed hopefully and all adding up to a good final run. I doubt the delay will affect your ability to run 30 mins - I would say the opposite and the enforced rest will mean your are fresher. The shock of falling was probably worse than the grazes but take care of those joints.

Rooting for you and best of luck.


Don't be sad. I did C25K last year up to week 8 and had to stop due to a neck problem. I'm back now and am about to start week 9. Don't put pressure on yourself to complete in 9 weeks....yes it's nice but what's important is looking after yourself. You will do it....I sometimes only manage 1 or 2 runs a week due to commitments but still get there in the end. You will do it with flying colours. Xx👍🏃


Thank you all so much for your lovely comments and words of encouragement. I feel much better after reading them, thank you x

You fell, you got injured, you have to rest. That's the way of the world, whether you are a C25ker, a regular runner or an Olympic champion. It certainly isn't a failure. And whether you graduate this week, next week or the week after makes no difference in the greater scheme of things. If your schedule is too busy to run for the next week, what difference would it have made if you had donw W9R3 or not? You still wouldn't have time to go running, so a having a week to rest your knee and elbow is probably a good thing. So put on your big girl pants, tend to your scrapes and bruises and get back out there next week and run like the wind, Bullseye!


Ummmm sooty what is this word failure.....sure that's a very rude naughty word

You feel hurt yourself

You've got to Week work and run scout groups where among this have you failed....

Rest,heal up and you will graduate

Feel proud about what you've done and where you have come in the 9 weeks

Be proud


No f word on here! What is it? Setack maybe, a lot of us have those, I did when I didn't run for about a week, but it didn't bother my fitness, I still had my enthusiasm as you have..😃


Big hugs.

You fell, you hurt yourself, it was an accident. Please don't be so hard on yourself. I nearly fell (several times) tonight!

Have a rest, let your body *fully* recover from the fall and get back out there and smash it! Whether you graduate this week, the next or the week after doesn't matter. You will get there and have the stamina to build for future runs. After all, running doesn't stop at graduation. :-)

Hi sezza, hope you're feeling happier this morning, and taking it easy. I find that when I take the conscious decision that I 'allow' myself to rest instead of fretting about all the things I SHOULD be doing then that rest is much more restorative - if that makes any sense.

take care :)


I bet everyone of us has fallen over during our running sessions. Get up and dust yourself off.

Crack on!


Definitely not a fail. We've all fallen over at some point. Last summer, I went knee deep down a rabbit hole. Annoying in itself, but made more stupid by the fact that it was right next to the boat and we'd been avoiding it all day!

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