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Wk6 R1 Digging Deep

After the highs of running continously for 20 minutes I approached today's run with more respect than I might after reading IannodaTruffe's comment that it wasn't just more of the same.

How right he was. Clearly went off too fast in the first 5 minutes so was gasping and very glad of the 3 mins walking. Took the 8 minutes more slowly (repeating 'slow and stead - y' in my head - or possibly out loud as I did attract some attention from a passing dog!) And 4 minutes in found my running legs and everything felt better. The next 3 min walk then felt a bit of an interruption but stuck with it and really ENJOYED the last 5 minutes even pushing the pace when Laura said there was only 1 minute left.

Loving the challenge, loving that I'm getting outside more, loving that I feel soooo good about myself. Would never have believed it a month ago!

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Good for,you! We constantly tell folks to slow down. Not sure why we're not believed 😃

Press on carefully through the sessions and enjoy yourself 🙂


Well done for battling through.........I did warn you........


Loving this post!

Yep, that run is a challenging one, but nothing "slow and steady" cannot handle. 😀 Well done! 👏👏👏


Well done you this is a feisty little sucker and catches out a few of us.... but you redressed the too quick pace and got the job done. Brilliant stuff


How cool is this program?!

How did we ever feel so good about the same body we have always had for the last ** years. And how relaxed and happy are we to be able to tell a load of strangers!

Not sure how to link things on here but have a look at my W6R1 post. Again, it was about digging deep. It was my 1st ‘bad run’ as I hated every minute and nothing was clicking.

But, same as me, you battled through, determined not to give up.

I always think W5R3 is the tipping point where you start to realise this but Week 6 is the boy to man / girl to woman week where people push through a bad run and consolidate all of the info they have up until now ‘listened to’ but not ‘heard’.

Great for you for digging deep and not letting it beat you.

Moral of the story?

Slow and steady.


This program is very cool!

Can't believe how positive I feel about everything but especially my fitness since starting.

Notice that you graduated today 🎉 - congrats.

After today really believe I can actually get there!


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