Back running again!

Back running again!

Well after the ankle i jury I had a weeks rest before our trip to Gibraltar where we did plenty of walking,  i wore an ankle strap for extra support but had no problems despite us walking about 10 miles a day. I even clombed the Mediterranean steps (google them) with no problems. All in all we had a fantastic time. 

So yesterday I thought it was time to see how things go with a run. Took it slowly and just 2 minutes running followed by 30 secs walking for 20 minutes. All went well so out this afternoon to psh things a bit further. Decided to enlist laura again and selected  W5R3 just to see how a 20 minute run felt. Well it felt good so I kept going for 30 minutes. Felt good to be back running for 30 minutes again. Ankle is ain free and feeling good. 

Onwards and upwards!!

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  • Bet it feels great to be out there again. Hope the endless stays pain free - just build up gently!

  • Well done Andy ! The first run back after injury is always a bit nerve wracking isn't it ?

    Good to hear it went well :-) xxx

  • Glad to hear the pain has gone.  Take care and don't push it until you're sure it's fully healed ☺

  • Brilliant Andy.. glad your  holiday was so good!

    Well done on your run too... the ankle seems fine :)

  • Great stuff Andy , take things steady and build back up gradually :) 

  • Well done for getting back out there. Hope the ankle holds up, but it's looking good!

  • Glad to hear you're back running Andy.

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