Well back on it and trying to get fitness back up :-) happy days

Bloody hell that was hard. For those of you that know I had an injury in my left lower calf and tendon above ankle, rested, anti inflamatory and physio, oh and no running unfortunately.

In a nutshell not been running for about a month or so but this week been out 3 times, very gently mind.

This morning I did week6 run 2 (2 lots of 10 mins with 3 min walk in between).

Oh my god, what can. Say, I nearly killed me, my legs were ok, fuel in the tank but my cardio was right load of pants, old steam engine I would describe it as. How come I have lost my cardio so fast?? Oh we'll I enjoyed my run, I got out there and well back on it, hopefully will be back up there being able to run 30 mins soon.

Keep at it you lovely lot, you are all full of enthusiasm and that I thank you for

Happy running :-)



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8 Replies

  • Good to see that you are able to get back to running. Your cardio fitness will be back very soon. I haven't been sidelined and always sound like an old steam engine....need to get the oxygen in some how!!! :)

  • Thankyou Ali

    I know the cardio will come back, just a little frustrating when you know a month or so ago you could quite comfortably run 30 mins. Anyway we need to keep up with those stretches given by the physio and get out there ha ha, whatever the weather.

    Take care


  • Welcome back James! And happy running, delia xox

  • Thank you Delia

    Feeling hard at the moment but I know from experience it gets easier. What part of Italy are you residing, I love Italy, spent many times working there and mrs ship and I spent our honeymoon in Amalfi, the most beautiful cultured country

    Take care


  • Nice one James! Keep huffing and puffing, you'll soon be back on the main line (sorry about the overextended metaphor!).


  • Thank you very much, and yes like the pun

    Take care


  • I know how you feel! I've been on & off running for the last few months, getting one run a week in, tops and I've felt my cardio reduce steadily. It's hard work but I'm *hopefully* back on the wagon now.

    Went for a run yesterday (managed 1km before having to stop for a walk) which is nowhere near where I used to be 3 months ago but planning on getting out there again tomorrow and getting back into the 3 times a week routine!

  • Great to hear you're back, James! Wouldn't feel too bad about your cardio; I think it's probably good to take it gently anyway and as you extend your running your fitness will come back. I'm sure having done all that hard work to get it won't be wasted, it's not like you're starting from scratch. The main thing is to ease those tendons back into training without giving them too much of a shock!

    Hopefully I'll be back out there in 12 days (not that I'm counting, you understand!).

    Best of luck, and joyful running!

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