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Five weeks off - but I made it back out there again

I can't believe it has been over 5 weeks since I last ran but after doing 4 miles on 19th July I realised I had hurt my hip and it took more than two weeks to get better. By the time I was fit again we were on holiday in Italy and it was far too hot to even consider running although I had taken everything with me with the full intention of going out. When I got home last weekend I just kept putting off setting out for a run - I knew it was going to be hard after such a long break, and if I'm honest, I had just got out of the habit and it was easier to say I'd go another day.

But this morning my daughter and I set off and although we had a few stops and starts and the odd walk to get my breath back, we managed 2 miles and after the tough first mile I started to feel the buzz of running and remembered why I did it.

I'm thinking of going back to week 4 of the podcast to re-build my fitness - what do you think? Do you think I'll be able to just get back to running 5k without re-doing the podcasts or would going back be helpful?

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After 3 weeks i'm just going to carry should still be there (will let you know after tomorrow's run if that's true). If you are struggling what about going back to w6 (don't think you need to go all the way back to w4) or what about trying the new speed podcast which is a shorter time. I'm sure you'll be back to 5k in no time!


I went back to week 1 on friday, week 2 today. Just been cautious as not pain free.

I feel fit, but my ankle is telling me, its not ready for long runs yet. So week 3 on wednesday!


Well done on getting back out there! It would have been FAR too hot to run in Italy I am sure.

Your post reminded me that I had a painful hip after my first run back after a four week break in June, think it was my piriformis or something. I found stretches to do on Youtube and used my foam roller (which i hadnt used since buying it months before) and went for a few leisurely swims and was fine within a week or so.

Hope you keep well and strain free.


How's it going? What week did you go back to?



I did my intermittent 2 mile run on Monday then did week 1 on Wednesday - and I found it hard!! I must have been doing the intervals pretty quickly (for me) though as I ran a mile in 10m 4s which is much faster than my normal. I'm currently trying to persuade myself to go out this evening - I need to after all the cake I've eaten today (it's my birthday tomorrow!)


Happy Birthday for tomorrow!!!

I've not been out since Tuesday! :( Hopefully tomorrow or Sunday. Did you make it tonight?


No - I ended up looking up recipes to cook for some friends tomorrow night and then going out for a birthday treat with some other friends - lots of wine, crisps and cake - so even more reason to need to run!


Happy Birthday! Have fun x


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