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Just finished week one. I did it 4 times instead of 3 because quite honestly, my running speed isn't much faster than my walking speed and I wanted to make sure I was really achieving something before moving on to the next one. I feel like a big lump and run around a field where no one can see me. Still I am pleased with myself, if I can learn to run I might be able to walk/run to work and keep myself fit.


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  • well done for getting out there come on u can do it ! :)

  • Wow Cattery - that is inspirational!! I've just graduated from the programme but found the suggestion of running to work brilliant! And by the way I said 'running' rather than 'walking/running' because you WILL be able to run the whole lot eventually!

    You will also eventually gain enough confidence to leave your field and hit the roads - just be patient and keep with the programme and Laura and the lovely people on here. We are all here to help :-)

  • Oh thank you both, it's amazing reading how everybody is getting on with it. I find it hard to see myself actually running, what I'm doing at the moment is very slow, but I'm pleased when I actually get through the minute run and the very last one didn't seem as long as the very first one! Thank's for the lovely support.

  • don't worry about speed...i'm still very slow and i graduated a few weeks ago (sometimes it feels like i'm going backwards lol) BUT i can run for over 30 mins. You will too by the end of the programme. Good luck :)

  • keep going you're doing great I used to change my route everytime I saw another person rather than plod embarassingly past, but now I don't care

  • I will get better I'm sure. I made the mistake of doing my first run on public footpath through a golf course, that was awful! Once I start to run a bit more comfortably I won't mind so much. Thanks for the support, everyone is so kind.

  • You're doing great - in just a couple of weeks you will be feeling thrilled at how far you've progressed.

  • It really doesn't matter if you feel you need to repeat sessions. In my view it can only make you stronger.

    I vary my route a lot, for a few reasons, so I don't see the same people (go by their houses), also I dont get bored and some routes aren't suitable for when I'm pushing the pram either.

    Good luck with your next session, keep positive, you can do this!

  • Thanks for that, you're right - I'm the sort of person who can't wait to get to the next bit as if I'm just going to get fit by listening to the 9 weeks! This time I'm trying to be really sensible and do the work. Well done you for getting out with the pram!

  • don't worry about how fast you go, later on in the podcasts Laura has some tips for understanding and dealing with this. Just keep going because you will get better, stronger and have more stamina I promise you!!

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