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I have been so inspired by all the posts about starting running and building up the time/distance. I admire you all for the amazing progress you have made and am extremely envious. As I say I am inspired but just can't motivate myself to get going though I can imagine how great it would feel to start. HOW did you all get yourselves off the sofa and out there??? I think I'm scared I'll run about a yard and me knackered!!


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  • Don't worry you'll be fine. If you look at the range of ages and people on here it'll inspire you that c25k is something anyone can do. Most of us thought that running for 30 seconds was a tough task at the beginning. If you really need the motivation, set yourself a goal, or sign up for a race now for after you finish. I always think its a bit easier if you have a concrete goal to work towards. Good luck!

  • So you run a yard and are knackered? You do it again and you are a bit less knackered (or you've run two yards. Or both)

    I just downloaded the podcasts and gave it a go. Canal towpath, walking boots, dog on lead, full backpack (I carry everything, heavy Swiss Army knife, handgel, OS explorer map, book, wallet etc etc), normal clothes, rainjacket. I do not especially recommend it as a strategy (it is not beyond the bounds of possibility it played some part in it taking me so long to complete Week 1) but I am not one for grand 'buy all the kit, tell everybody' approach that works well for some.

  • Nobody can make you do this, you have to provide your own motivation, otherwise you will not stick with it.

    This programme provides you with control. You decide how often you run and how fast, only the duration of the runs is defined. It is a tried and tested progression, which for most people means they can complete the next run if they have finished the last one. If you have trouble with a run, then you repeat it until completed. You will see an improvement in your recovery times in just a couple of weeks and within a matter of months (you decide) you will graduate and be able to run non stop for 30 minutes.

    Nobody is applying any pressure. You succeed by your own effort. There is nothing to fear and everything to gain. You can do this. IT REALLY WORKS!!! Download the app or podcasts and give it a go and tell us how you get on. We all started on Run 1 Week 1 and none of us regret it.

  • I think the phrase is 'Just Do It'! The hospitals are full of people who didn't.

  • And the cemeteries!

  • I needed to exercise, I saw this as a challenge. Once I'd begun to succeed, it became easier and part of my weekly routine. The sense of achievement as you pass the varius hurdles is fantastic - you start to feel the endorphines. At the end of the first 20 minute continuous run everyone feels on top of the world, and the grin on your face is ten feet wide!

    Now I love running, and as I get fitter, faster and further, I feel so glad I started.

    Get out there and do it!

  • Basically, put on ur shoes, open the door and off u go!

    Think - what are you afraid of that prevents you from starting? If u can manage to go out the door for food shopping or meeting friends or whatever you do, it's no different. If u think walk 1 min run 1 min is hard to keep up for 30 mins, then try just doing it for 5 mins. You'll be so motivated you'll want to continue. At the end of the day it's totally up to you. The longer you sit there the harder it will get to get up and do it. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

    By the way, no need to run flat out that you get exhausted. Just go at a slow steady plod that's faster than walking but not so you're out of breath and collapse in a heap!

  • LannodaTruffe is right, no one can get you started other than you, but we will hold your hand.

    The fact you have signed up here and are reading the posts shows some desire to get started, but taking that first REAL step is going to be hard. There is always some expert telling you to get fit and lose weight and for some it is easy. But for others including myself it is more a mental battle than a physical one. Just to put you in the picture, as a young man I was a fit rugby, tennis, swimming, any sport person. Now at 49 years old, I top 300lbs, hate the way I look, hate the way I feel but have failed for 15 years to do anything about it. I have a slim, fit wife I have been with since school & 5 kids! motivation enough? clearly not. 3 years ago I had heart problems, 2 years ago cancer surgery! Still I continue to put on weight!! Madness. Like all of us I start something and stop, I try something and give up.

    Then, in one of my desperate weekend google searches for something to help, I came across this lot. I have only been a member for 3 weeks, but something is very different. All the people here are in the same position, have been where you are, know how you feel and are all putting one foot in front of the other and starting to benefit.

    Finally some practical advise, if you don't feel you can run more than a yard then don't. Before I joined this group I had spent 4 weeks walking. It got my ankles, knees and hips used to the movement. I started slow and short and varied it. Some longer walks, some short quicker walks. So why not start the same way. If you walk a distance every day, you will be amazed how much better you feel. Then maybe progress to Week 1 of the program, walking slowly, walking quickly, do that for a week or 2. Your body will react and improve, it will. Remember you didn't go to bed one night slim and fit and wake up in the morning how you are now. It took years of dedicated over eating!

    I hope you don't mind the lengthy post, I didn't really know what I was going to say when I started, but I feel I know where you are. That's another amazing thing about this community it brings out the best in people even if they have to open up their hearts.

    You can do this, no matter how slow you have to start and you now have a huge community of people that will help. Just start walking, keeping posting and the benefits will come.

    Good luck.

  • What a brilliant post CC. If that doesn't inspire I don't know what will :)

  • I agree, very heartfelt and moving. I wish you all the best CC xxx

  • HI there,

    As people have already said... you just do it.... it can be hard to start with and you think you will never be able to do 60 seconds ( and it can feel like a life time)..... but then you do make it, and you start to feel pretty pleased with yourself..... then you think, can I do it again?? and you do, then you do it again...... then you think "ok , well I managed 60 seconds, but I'll never manage 90 seconds, that's just silly talk"............... but then again you surprise yourself and you do manage it. Then you just take each run as it comes and repeat any that you don't quite manage. There is zero pressure from anyone, its about getting fitter and stronger as you go along. Its a tried and tested program, and I hand on my heart believe that if I can do it (and I'm now on week 5 run 2 tonight and I'm several stones overweight) anyone can do it. After week 2 for me that was it, I became addicted to seeing what I could actually do and loving the "buzz" you get afterwards, I'm on a high for hours afterwards and can't wait till my next run!

    You wont know what you can do until you give it ago.

    I really hope for your sake you get up and you just try it, even if you don't really can't find the motivation..... and in a few months, it could be a whole new you!

    all the best with whatever you decide!

  • "THANK YOU" so so much for all the fantastic replies so far and so helpful. Of course as many of you say the only person who can get me out the house and starting to run is me! It helps you read how many of you were complete non-runners and then bit by bit you got to where you are now. I'll let you know how I get on!!

  • Almost all of us were non-runners!

  • How? On the spur of the moment. Downloaded the podcast, put on my shoes and went out of the door. If you sit too long dithering and thinking you might find you're less likely to do it. Almost none of us knew how we would fare, most of us were unfit and self conscious more than like. I used to go out in the dark so that no one could see me and then you get to realise that nobody else cares anyway and well after all it is such good fun that you find yourself on a roller coaster ride and before you know it you graduate!

    Good luck and get those shoes on!!! :D

  • Download the pod cast, think about your route & the gear you'll need, get them ready & then challenge yourself to try it. It eases you in gently & acts as a virtual friend holding your hand

  • I don't even remember taking a conscious decision. I had heard others at Slimming World talk about the programme. I had downloaded the podcasts. And then suddenly, there I was, trainers on, in the middle of our playing field and starting off! Can't say I've ever looked back and regretted that morning!

    You can do this - all of us on here are either going through the programme or have been through it - and a few of our stars have even gone on to run marathons!

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