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Just wanted to make a quick post here. I'm 30, overweight (16st) and a father to two young boys. I've been telling myself I'll get fit 'later' for the past two years. I've always liked the idea of running but been far too self-concious to actually do it.

My lifestyle is rather sedate too. Day job see's me in an office sat at a desk with the odd visit to construction sites. Evenings / weekends are taken up by my freelance web design antics so pretty much, most of the day I am in front of a screen.

I'm warm-blooded so generally sweat a lot through-out the year which in turn, causes me bad headaches and the only thing to help is a cold shower and sleep. Not ideal. So a visit to the docs last month mentioned that I should try and lose weight to see if that can help. So...

Last weekend, I plucked up the courage, grabbed my iPod with the podcasts on it, said hello to Laura and started my first run (W1R1). I was surprised (and proud) of myself for doing it but I only managed 7 of the 8 runs, and two of those I cut short by 15 seconds purely because I couldn't manage it. I suffered from shin splints and hobbled for a little bit but that night, I got home and ordered some proper running shoes (Nike Dart 9 if you're interested, £35ish on sportsdirect).

Trainers arrived on Tuesday so R2 was on and it was more of a success. I managed all 8 runs from start to finish and last night, I done R3 and extended each run by 10 or 15 seconds, and even managed to squeeze a 9th repetition at the end.

I'm really happy with my progress and how much more I've been able to over such a short space of time, can't wait to go out and run again but I'm resting until Sunday.

Also, I must say, the thought of running 20 mins in week 5 scares the bejesus outta me, but looking forward to the challenge!

And one last question - I personally think the music is dire on the podcasts. I don't suppose there's an acapella (ha!) somewhere so I could layer it over something more akin to my taste?

Just thought I'd post a hello / introduction... hello :)

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Welcome! Well done for starting off! Few things – sounds like you’re doing just fine so far. Yes the music is variable but I also thought it did get better during later weeks so stick with it. If you have an iphone or some such you can download tracking apps (I have cyclemeter/runmeter but the MapMy family of apps are similar). Runmeter has a programmable function when you can choose for when you want announcements to talk over your own music choice… however you will discover that Laura has other tips too – so I would recommend you listen to at least one of the C25k podcasts for each week and then you can do the other two with your own music (or no music if you prefer).. Good luck and well done!


Thanks for the reply!

I know there are other apps out there that'll give you audible signals to slow down, start running or briskly walk but I like having lauras encouragement hence I'd still like to hear her, but just over a different soundtrack.

It's no biggy though, week 2 starts on Sunday and It'll be a different playlist. I'm looking forward to it :)

Also, thank you for the recommendations on tracking apps, I may just give one of those a go before the 9 weeks are up, but definitely afterwards!


Howdy! Fraid the music doesn't get any better, but the running does :-)

Welcome on board.


Hello! Although I don't have much in the way of answers, I thought I'd still reply with a few words of encouragement, firstly, well done for starting the plan, I'm on week 4 so not too far ahead of you and although it's no walk in the park it is manageable and has given me already an amazing sense of achievement and am coveting the graduate badge!

The podcasts may have questionable choices of soundtracks but I've chosen to stick with them as they do give you so much encouragement, not only that but they have the right tempo for running and walking in all the right places, for me absolutely worth tolerating! Don't look forward too far as it seems so daunting, I can tell you now, week 4 for me was positively scary but I've done week 4 run 2 today and did it!

The other thing you mention is your self consciousness, don't be! Body shape means nothing, I'm not extremely overweight, in fact I'm supposed ideal weight except I am extremely unfit and just have an unfortunate body shape and carry all my weight in the danger zone, round the middle! I get looks every single run by folk almost always bigger than me, while I'm red faced and struggling, and theyre overtaking me and looking fine! people expect me to be much more capable than I am , looks can be be deceiving, usually the slim yet unfit people are watching this larger yet fit people through a green with envy mist!!!

Good luck with your C25k :)


Welcome to a life changing experience. Don't be too concerned about the 20 minute run! No one can imagine themselves completing it and it's daunting for everyone. We've all felt as you do and invariably we all complete it and are amazed! So good luck!


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