week 6, run 3, i got my, your officialy now a runner from Laura. yah !

This was my last run at my old house, the next one will be on pastures greener, literaly, as the new house is in the middle of a field lol. so no more giant hills to climb at the end of the run, Yippee. My phone battery was running low so i switched endomondo off to try save some battery, didnt want it cutting out on me somewhere near the end and messing up my time. so not sure exactly how far i ran today, i tried to draw an endomondo map as i often walk parts of my route, so copied some of that, i think it was around 3.8km with a 15/20 minute walk at the end. to give me time to get my breath back before i ascecnd the giant hill, so well over 5k with the big walk at the end, does that count as running for 5km ?? hehe probably not.

But anyway, on with business,

It was a tough run, the first 30 seconds i thought, my god im not going to be able to do this my legs were not co-operating. But as usual i pushed on and got a good rythmn going and it got easier, the plants down by the river have shot up with the tiny bit of sunshine we had recently and i slipped off a verge, id never noticed, over on my ankle, didnt hurt myself, but probably sounded like a demented pig when i screamed, but kept going. It started to get tough near the end, then laura pipes up only 5 minutes to go, which pushed me on, then the final minute when laura said, if your feeling good run a little faster to finish on a high, i thought why not, give it a giant push, and i did it. Just in time, i finished behind a load of trees so i could do my slow motion marathon finish hidden from view of all the golfers :-)

Happy running folks :-)


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7 Replies

  • Congratulations well done, good luck with move to new house

  • Thank you very much

  • I too remember shouting out and then wondering if any one heard me. Well done for a great achievement - well on the way to graduation :-)

  • Thank you, getting there. Its hard to believe before I started this I couldn't run 20 steps, I tried. 25 minutes is amazing.

  • Well done, sounds great!! I'm doing this run tomorrow, and I'm nervous. Looks like a big leap but hopefully with all the training, I can manage!

  • Hey, good luck on your run tomorrow. You'll be fine, just take your time like Laura says. Before you know it, its done. And such a great feeling after it. Will look out for your blog. Have fun :-)

  • I did it! you are soo right about having to take your time. I started out really slowly but knew it was for a good reason! I really trust this programme now! Happy running!!

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