Couch to 5K

My Week 6

Monday morning and the usual back to school chaos – my wife and kids were having breakfast as I set off with a “got to go got a date with Laura – but she ain’t half giving me the run around” – then left before something was thrown at me – I was on the school run so needed to get a move on. The run went well but harder than I expected.

Run 2 on Wednesday I found the first 10 mins tiring but the second slightly easier – I can definitely see the logic of backing off a bit after the week 5 20 mins.

This morning and the big 25 mins – I was awake early listening to the rain and thinking this could be interesting but by the time I set off it was lovely. I went in the opposite direction with the intention of doubling back so I would then start running from home and my existing route would be long enough. About a minute into warm up and a lost truck driver stopped me for directions - Ahh! -doesn’t he know I’m under orders. Started running after my shortened warm up and think I ran too fast (must have been the new go fast high vis jacket I was wearing) for the first 5 mins so the second was quite slow and I was struggling. Laura then piped up with the 12 ½ mins done and I relaxed. I was now in a comfortable stride thinking about the day ahead and the time flew by. The 25 mins came round and I punched the air (felt like I needed a union jack to wave around – silly man). By the time I got home Endomondo had recorded 38m 9s and 4.9K – blinking truck driver!

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Crikey you are doing really well! That would be a dream time for me. By the end of the nine weeks you will have a pretty decent time! :)


well done fabulous timing.


Doesn't that 25 minute mark feel good!? You are doing great!


Many Thanks - Cheers! :-) :-)


I often wish I had a 'Do not Disturb' sign on my T shirt! Giving directions is just not on when you're in the middle of timing a run ;)

You're going great guns :)


Thanks - think I need to go for a low vis jacket next time ;-)


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