Woo Hoo w5 r3 done!

I done it I ran for 20 mins straight! Set off feeling positive (big help) and with a controlled pace . The first 5 mins felt as though I had been running longer than I actually had but I wasn't sure at which marker points Laura would helpfully interject.

It truly is a mental challenge at this point isn't it? At no point did I want to give up or thought I couldn't do it, have had those days but not today!!

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  • wooooo hoooo well done Sassy1. It's such a great feeling isn't it!!! :)

  • Thank you AliB1. I agree it does feel fantastic!

  • Oh, well done - I felt so pleased with myself when I did that one too (only last week). I still think it's amazing compared with how much of a challenge week one was.

    Onwards and upwards :-) And Enjoy !!

  • Good on you!!!! wk5 run 3 is the big one and you nailed it. Good luck with the remainder of the runs

  • Well done I did week5r3 last friday . Today's week 6 r1 was a piece of cake compared to that.

    Its a good feeling isn't it?

  • Well done you x

  • Great well done - such a fantastic feeling! :)

  • Congratulations on completing it! Its the run I've heard the most about (and should be tackling on Thursday)

    Your positive attitude is brilliant too.

  • Wow! Well done you! Positive mental attitude, must remember that.

  • well don ,i also have just don week 5 run 3 myself .what a great feeling .i never thought i would get this far .but now i am looking forward to week 6 .i also was determined to get through it . and i am glad i did .although my legs are a little tired now .

  • Well done. A true highlight of the whol programme.

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