W5 R3 - Woo hoo!

Just got back from my 20 minute run! So satisfying to be able to yell out, I've just run for 20 minutes! Not that I did, of course.....

Anyway, in the first five minutes, my legs ached a bit, but I just concentrated on my breathing and soon it went, At the 10 minute mark, I felt like I could keep on running forever! (Maybe a bit ambitious!)

When Laura said I had done 15 minutes, I whooped out loud, and an older couple gave me a startled look as I swept by gracefully - uhh, take that back, jogged by with a beetroot red face!

Then when Laura said I had 2 minutes left, I found myself speeding up as I completed the run! Such an amazing feeling! So proud of myself!

I feel that going back to breaks between runs is going to be a bit weird, but there is only 2 runs with breaks so that should be fine!

Only downside is I keep getting a blister in a really odd place (well so i think). It is on the side of my right foot, and it is only on my right foot. I think it's from my shoes, but they are running shoes. Any ideas??

Happy Running!


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8 Replies

  • Well done! It does feel strange going back to runs with breaks again, but you know that you can do it now! Time for a celebration??

  • Woohoo indeed! Well done. I know what you mean about resembling a beetroot. People are always asking me if I'm OK when I come in from running, presumably because I'm that attractive shade of puce.

  • Great feeling, isn't it :D

    Once I had a taste of uninterrupted running, I began to begrudge the walking intervals too ... now only resort to walking when it suits me (not Laura!) like when I'm trying to try for a greater time or longer distance... the walk then comes in handy to cool down, restfully get back home etc.

    How new are your running shoes? If still new, you could ask the shop to investigate a possible flaw? Maybe there's a slightly untidy seam which is rubbing on one part of your foot? You could try wearing double walled-running socks which really do prevent blisters - even for my marathon walking friend! Hope you get it sorted soon as blisters are beastly things for any walker or runner! Take care, Linda x

  • Don't give up the breaks - there's a school of thought that mixing walking and running (and slow and fast swim lengths) improves your overall fitness and speed.



  • Thanks I will try double walled running socks! X

  • Congratulations! :-) :-) You aced that 20!!! :-) :-) Gayle

  • We're at exactly the same stage and I felt just the same as you. My partner can't really understand why I am so encouraged by this programme - it is rebuilding my fitness so much more than anything else I've ever tried.

    Good luck with the rest!


  • Glad to hear you achieved W5R3 as I have just complemented W5R1 and I can't decide how I feel about running for 20 minutes solid...!

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