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Week 5 Run 3 - I've only gone and done it!!!

I've not posted before but feel compelled to do so tonight!

I was so anxious about this run. I've been really chuffed with how the programme has built my fitness up slowly but surely (overweight and very unfit mid thirties!) but was still not convinced that I could manage the dreaded Run 3 of Week 5 - 20 minutes just seemed impossible.

My plans for running tonight didn't start well when I couldn't find my ipod shuffle with the podcast on. It was only when I was frantically searching for it and feeling a bit devastated that I couldn't find it that it hit me - I've caught the running bug - a while ago I would have been glad of the excuse!!

But I found it, got to the lovely park I was running in and set off. I must admit I actually felt really anxious when I started my warm up walk and then the run began.......and I did it!!!

I looked like a Ribenaberry at the end, and I was sure that passing dog walkers were concerned for my health, I was huffing and puffing that much, but I DID IT!! I actually shed a couple of tears when it was done.

I can't tell you how much I've been inspired and helped by the posts on this forum. Being out for half an hour of 'me time' three times a week has done wonders for my emotional wellbeing as well as my physical health and I'm feeling good!

Onwards and upwards - going to try and not make too much of the next run as I've read that people have felt a bit disappointed after the elation of this run,so I'll just try my best and keep putting one foot in front of the other!

Good luck to anyone else who is feeling anxious about this run - it seems like such a huge jump but you can do it and you'll feel fab afterwards xxx

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Hi - I didn't want to contribute either until I got that WAHOO last night! Getting to the end of week 3 really is a major achievement - I really dreaded the long run but having done it 3 times you honestly have nothing more to fear. I too couldn't understand why we would go back to shorter spells but it did make sense when I did the first of week 6. Taking that chance to regroup really helps when you step up to the 25 min sessions. As Laura says - it's about educating your body and - for me most important of all - convincing yourself it's going to be OK. It will!


well done! it really is a fantastic feeling, I was convinced I couldn't do it either! about to start wk 6 too, so will see what it brings, just keep thinking about how far I have come in 6 weeks! good luck with the remaining 3 weeks (yes 3 to go!)


Well done :)


That's a great achievement, well done!

Don't worry about w6r1 I didn't find it difficult, you've done the big one now you can do the rest! :)


Brilliant, it's a real breakthrough moment.

EEnjoy! :-)


I did week 5 run 1 on tues and was planning on doing run 2 fri and run 3 tomorrow (sun) but I came down with some strange virus/cold/sore throaty type thing on wed.

I was so gutted not to run last night. Well done



Well done! I've been putting off doing wk 3 as was struggling with 90 seconds of wk 2 but have just done it this morning & it was less traumatic than I expected. It really helps to read all the posts keep it up!


well done, it's inspirational for me personally reading everyone's comments.

It motivates me to move forward. Especially when you read people saying I actually lost weight, but more so that they feel healthier, I like that.

I am at the beginning of week 1 I'm taking it slow, but actually took me time and enjoyed my time out. I'll see as the weeks go by.

Keep going your doin' great


That run 3 week 5 is inspirational - it seems such a huge jump and then when you manage it you feel stupendous. Well done and good luck. I've just finished week 9 and feel absolutely great! So continue .........


Well done you!!! I hadn't seen your post and have just written a very similar one! I did run 3 today and am amazingly proud of myself - although I'm still a bit exhausted an hour and a half later ;o)


Hi, I've read your post and commented before seeing you've commented on mine! It's all good stuff and I know I've found it so helpful to read people's posts on here. Good luck with the rest of the programme.


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