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Week 6 run 3 done and dusted


I had a great run on Sunday!

Those are words I NEVER thought I would hear myself say in a million years!

I wasn't confident going out - the increase to 25 minutes worried me especially as runs 1 and 2 were so much easier, and my 14 year old daughter who is my running pal couldn't come because she had just got back from an exhausting weekend training for her Duke of Edinburgh Award. But I pushed myself to go anyway.

And it was fairly easy! I'd been absolutely exhausted doing week 5 run 3 and really struggled with it but not this run, and when Laura said I could try to run a bit faster for the last minute I increased my pace and even ran for an extra minute just because I could!

I was still running very slowly for most of the run but I was reassured that I was actually going faster than I could walk when I caught up with and overtook someone walking ahead of me - that made me very proud!!

So tonight I will be going out for run 1 of week 7 and it will be my first time running in wet weather so I hope it doesn't put me off ;o)

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Good Luck tonight with W7R1. I actually quite enjoy running in the rain. It cool's you off a bit!

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I haven't had to deal with rain yet, so what do you normally wear? Something waterproof, or just hang it all and get soaked?

in reply to juicydee

Hang it all and get soaked! It's actually quite fun in a hysterical kind of way!

in reply to TJFlute

I can imagine that - will give it a try!!


Enjoy w7r1, you might find the rain to be refreshing.

And great job chasing down the person in front of you, its always satisfying to do that. (though the person I often try to catch is actually walking their dog lol)


It's sleeting now and the wind is quite strong so I am going to stay cosy inside and go running tomorrow instead! I've run when it has been snowing but I don't fancy getting totally cold and wet! I'm definitely a fair weather runner!

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