week 8 run 1 - getting easier

I really struggled through week 7 but week 8 run 1 was actually a little better today. I think I am finally getting my head around the fact that I just have to run now, for a long time - it's much more of a mental challenge than the early weeks.

I ran 4.4k which is the furthest I have ran so far and the extra 3mins up from last week was fine. There is quite a big hill in the middle of my run and after running up it I felt quite sick and thought I might have to stop but I carried on and it went away once I got my breathing back to normal.

I still feel like I have not got my breathing quite right - most of the time through my run it's fine I feel good but at times it gets a bit quick and I start to feel much less in control and I have to really focus to steady it. I guess it's just one of the things I'll get better at as I carry on but it doesn't feel like I have got it yet.

Not long till I graduate - ahhh!


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9 Replies

  • Well done, great to see the ups/downs then the enjoyment that follows, roll on graduation day . Im 2 weeks behind but have experienced the sick feeling but like you it disappears when on the flat or down hill part. good luck with w8 r2 - enjoy.....

  • That's awesome, well done! :D you should be proud of yourself!

  • Well done - that is an awesome distance in 28 mins!! I've just moved into week 9 but struggling to do 3.5k in 30 mins....... either that or I'm doing mapmyrun all wrong :-)

  • Well done that is a fantastic distance in the time, I'm still on 4K and I finished wk9 over 2 weeks ago. The breathing is tricky but as you say it will probably improve with time.

  • Well done Beth! 4.4 is masses! Do you include the 5 minute warm up walk in that?

  • Ahh I just looked over my distance and realised it's actually just 4k not 4.4 - makes more sense now!

  • Okay well now that's my challenge - see if I can get to 4.4k in the time by the end of the week!

    The amended 4k is just the 28mins - not sure how I am going to fit another whole km into those last 2mins!

  • I had the same problem... 1km in 2 mins!!!...I guess we'd all need to be sprinting for those last 2 minutes.

    Good news is though over the last couple of runs I have managed to slightly increase the distance

  • Well done - we appear to be at the same stage exactly... like you I find the mental challenge harder than the run itself.. I tend to struggle for the first ten minutes and then settle into it.. I still panic when I see hills and have to really remind myself to breathe otherwise I feel as if I wont be able to keep going. Its a great programme and you do have to keep reminding yourself about the tips Laura gave in the early weeks.... not long now!!

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