Week 8 run 1

Hey all, looking for some advice, I've just completed week 7 and found it really tough, on 1 run I had to stop and walk around the 20 minute mark, and on another my phone was glitching so have no idea if I actually ran 25 mins or not! I felt fine up until this point but now mentally feel unable to continue! I'm aching each day in my hip, calves and shins which is new for me, not sure how I am going to get through 28 minutes!


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7 Replies

  • Your body is ready for this so it is now a mind game. Try letting your mind wander - some people play alphabet games, I think I started writing my posts in my head just to keep me going.

  • Well done for completing week 7. You have been running for 25mins. An extra 3 mins it's nothing for you. Are you doing your warm up and warm down? Please and please do stretching and strengthening exercises. And lastly slow your pace. You might feel like you are walking but quickly you will get into the rhythm of that slow pace. Rest is also important. Instead of 1 give 2/3 days rest in between to recover from your pain. Keep going. You are close to the end👍

  • It is your decision. You are in control. Normally we say if you complete a run then you move on, however you are not sure that you have completed the run, so maybe you need to do it again. If you set out on W8R1 and you can't get beyond 25mins, then call it W7R3, otherwise carry on for the other three minutes and you have it in the bag.

    This is mainly a matter of belief and having got to this stage most people find that extra three minutes a very straightforward challenge. That said, the details of W8 have slipped into distant memory, but I do remember the last three weeks being a hard slog. Grit your teeth. You can do it.

  • Slow. I thought just an extra 3 minutes can't be that hard at this stage. And it's not if take it slow. Do a bat out of hell impression like me and it's a killer. Plus if you are really achy take an extra days rest. A week is the time between run 1 and the final rest day not 7 days.

  • Oops it looks like you hit your wall. Unfortunately, it happens sooner or later. A bad run or two and the motivation just leeches right out of you. But it will not last, if you refuse to let it.

    I guess this is what separates the runners from those on the couch. That drive and determination to get out there even when you mind is telling you otherwise. Three minutes isn't going to beat you - you have come too far in this programme to give in now. Three minutes is a bit further down the street than you ran last time.

    Change your music, change your route; just don't change the commitment you have shown in the last two months - you've got this!!

  • Thanks guys, just heading out! Changed my music, used my deep freeze and hoping for the best! Thanks for your replies! Xx

  • So managed the 28 minutes and I feel amazing! I struggled between 15 and 20 mins, had a stitch but just slowed my pace and kept going!!! Thanks for all the support! Feel motivated to complete the 30 mins!!!

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