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Week 8 - Run 1

I've had a week off, I was feeling a bit run down. I was back out today though, in my brand new running leggings. It did feel a bit like running without being fully dressed, but I got over it after I started running and I'm assured I'll feel less achy running in tights? Note to self: purchase very long baggy t-shirt.

It was a really good run. My next run will be on Monday, middle of week 8 woo hoo.

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Nearly there now. I got some new legging near the end of the program and totally convinced myself they were go faster leggings. I am sure they helped me through to graduation.

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Yes, I know what you mean, it was my fastest run today. They feel so much more breathable, than my jogging bottoms. I haven't worn any sort of leggings without a skirt or a dress over them since I was about 8 years old, so I might need to run off the main roads for a while, until I get over my pot belly, lol.


I feel the same about mine but have decided to buy some running shorts to wear over them.


Maybe I need a pair to give myself a boost.

Did W8R1 today - set off with great confidence but struggled badly. I tried a new route as suggested by Laura last week. Will stick to my usual route next run.

Anyone else had this happen?


I tried a different route for week 8 and I also struggled, so went back to my old route and just did run2 this morning, I was feeling really comfortable during the final 10mins, which is a first for me. So I think stick to what works for you, I guess people change the route if they're bored, but if it works then that's all that counts. Plenty of time for changing routes later on :)

I too have tights with go-faster stripes (Matalan) they're great, I've also not worn anything like this since the eighties during keep-fit at school. I have a nice lightweight gilet which covers enough of the wobbly bits, and also has a pocket for my ipod. :D


I changed my route a few runs ago, and anything that could go wrong did!! Instead of going along an old train track i went along the pavement and it was horrid! So much traffic and people so went back to my usual route. It does have dog walkers and other joggers and cyclists, but that doesn't matter, its just much more relaxed looking at the wildlife instead of dodging the traffic. Will stick to my trusted route especially since buying a pair of running leggings, definitively need a baggy top now!!


During week 7, I had a couple of bad runs in a row. I started to feel like a 25 minute fraud and thought I might need to redo the week. On run 3 I felt stronger, so I moved onto week 8 and that's been fine? I think sometimes you just feel a bit weaker for whatever reason. Stick with it and things will improve. I wore my leggings again today, they are super to run in, would highly recommend ;)


Where did you get tights from ? I want a pair now it's getting nippy .


I got my tights from a Sports Direct shop, they are Nike and cost £26.99. There were some Karrimor ones for just £10.00, but they were made of a more shiny material that seemed to show off my lumps and bumps a bit too much. They would have been fine though, if you don't mind that sort of thing.


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