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Week 5, Run 1 - Best run ever – even with a cold!

Yesterday I ran my first run of week 5, I still have an absolute rotten cold but I pushed on and did it anyway.

I changed my route yesterday. I have been basically running around the block which was becoming a little boring. So off I set through the village where I live and towards a large open parkland. I was surprised how much easier I found the 5 minute runs compare to week 4 (especially considering how full of cold I was!)

I felt that yesterday was my best run ever, with my pace quickening with each run, my legs didn’t feel like lead and my breathing was much better.

I’m looking forward to Thursday’s run and so far don’t feel daunted by the increase in running time, a part of me is also looking forward to the dreaded week 5, run 3 :-)

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Well done Clare - especially with a cold.

I actually enjoyed W5R1 and have just done W5R2. The thought of 8 minute runs a month ago just wouldn't have happened, my first 8 mins felt "comfortable" and the 5 minute walk seemed far too long & I was itching to run!! The second 8 was a grind - but I did it.

A part of me is also looking forward to the W5R3 - but that nagging voice still reckons I can't do it!!

Good luck with the rest of the week - I hope you kick the cold


Week 5 was a good week for me also! I dreaded the 20 minute run and the day before I caught a cold. I went out and did it and it was actually one of my better runs! Clare, you will do fine with the dreaded 20, just remember to keep a slow and steady pace. Looking forward to an update and hoping you feel better soon!


Thanks guys :-)

I begining to feel much better and cold in definitely improving. Looking forward to tomorrows run.


Thanks Guys :-)

I'm begining to feel much better and cold is definitely improving. I'm looking forward to tomorrows run now.


Great run, Clare!! It is a wonderful feeling when a run goes better than we expect it to!! No need to worry about R3 this week!! Your body is ready!! I am glad that your cold is improving and that you are feeling much better!! Keep Running!!


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