Nothing to report

Would you believe it, this morning I went for my week 8 run 2 and guess what, nothing happened!

I didn't get lost, I didn't lose my shoes, I didn't get stuck on a swinging gate and I also didn't get chased by any bears!

So why am I writing this, well this was the last run before my race tomorrow morning. I'm really looking forward to it and I am ready to go. so hey ho tell you all tomorrow how it goes.

8 Replies

  • Can't believe nothing happened!!!

    Good luck with the race tomorrow!

  • :-)

    Have a great run tomorrow!

  • uneventful... well frankly that's boring :) need to try harder lol ;)

    Good luck with race tomorrow!

  • Good luck for tomorrow

  • Good luck tomorrow hope it goes well! :)

  • Cant wait to hear how tomorrow goes, best of luck!! you can do it :)

  • Have fun, good luck!

  • best of luck for today. Good running :-)

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