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Wow I manage to run(jog) for 14 minutes at once!

Hi All,

Thanks to all those who gave me advice, I went out on a session this morning with improved posture. I kept my head up and concentrated on keeping my tum muscles as tight as I could as I went along. I didn't slam my feet down and my breathing is gradually improving. I did the 5 mins walk and then thought I'd run as far as I could and managed 14 minutes before I had to walk. I'm so chuffed! I couldn't have done it without you all, so a BIG thank you. Rest day tomorrow and then a run over the weekend.

Cheers all!

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well done!!!!


Thank you!


Are you following C25K?


Yes I am, but I had a mad moment and wanted to make up for the week lost with back ache, hence going for 14 minutes to see if I could.


Take it easy, you really should stick to the programme xx



Yes you are right. I've just got back in from doing the 2nd run of week 5 and my head started to pound when I was running for the 8 minutes. I've had this once last week and it's so painful. Just taken a painkiller with a pint of water and have done some stretches. I hope the head pain is not going to be a regular thing!

Thanks for your help.


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